Djokovic erupted: You only doubt my injuries

Djokovic erupted: You only doubt my injuries
Djokovic erupted: You only doubt my injuries

On the eve of his quarter-final match at the Australian Open, Novak Djokovic lashed out at journalists and fans.

The reason is the doubts that have arisen that the Serbian’s physical problems are actually not that serious and he is largely overplaying.

Even before the start of the tournament, Djokovic postponed several of his practices and reported a muscle injury in his left thigh, and during his second-round match against Enzo Cuaco, Nole could barely move on the court at times.

However, this did not prevent him from defeating Grigor Dimitrov in three sets, albeit with difficulty, as well as literally sweeping the court with the first racket of the hosts – Alex de Minor.

All of this raised doubts that this was another Nole game. Something he has been accused of a number of times over the years.

Only my injuries are being questioned. Give them the benefit of the doubt, I have no problem with that.

When another player gets injured, it’s a victim, but when it’s me, there’s talk of faking right away. I don’t feel the need to prove anything to anyone.

I have MRI and ultrasound results. I might even post them if I decide. I might not, I haven’t decided yet.

At this point, I don’t really care what these people say. It’s funny that the attitude towards me is quite different from that towards my colleagues in a similar situation. I’m used to it, it just gives me motivation”Djokovic said.

Doubts against Djokovic’s injury were also expressed by Alex de Minor after their fourth-round match yesterday, when the Australian took only five games in three sets.

Then he said, “Maybe I’m too weak a tennis player and I don’t make it difficult for him, but in my opinion he was very strong, playing at his highest level”.

Fans on social networks suspected how Djokovic starts to limp at every critical moment of his matches, but during the rest of the time he moves without any problem.

Doubts are sure to linger until the end of his time in Australia, whether that be tomorrow after the match against Andrei Rublev or after Sunday’s grand final.

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