A scandalous MMA star was caught having sex with another man

A scandalous MMA star was caught having sex with another man
A scandalous MMA star was caught having sex with another man


Controversial UFC star Jeff Molina has made an official statement about his sexuality after a video of him having sex with another man was released. The 25-year-old MMA fighter announced that the media prevented his intention to openly admit that he is bisexual.

“This is not the way I wanted to reveal my sexuality. My intentions were ruined by the video that went viral. I’ve been trying to hide my personal life from social media,” Molina said in an official statement on Twitter.

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“I dated girls but suppressed my feelings while I was on the wrestling team in high school and in college I pursued my dream of becoming an MMA fighter. I believed that my teammates and opponents would not treat me the same way if they knew about my sexual preferences. I thought that by declaring myself bisexual, I would be seen as gay,” adds the fighter.

Jeff Molina has 11 wins and 2 losses in MMA, and in the strongest UFC championship, he has three successes in three matches. In the summer of 2022, he showed his support for sexual minorities by wearing rainbow shorts during a match. He is currently serving a sentence for his involvement in a betting scheme. The sanction was imposed in December, but details were not disclosed.

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