Sensation! Here is Pique’s mistress! PHOTO

Sensation! Here is Pique’s mistress! PHOTO
Sensation! Here is Pique’s mistress! PHOTO

A new sensational version has been published by Hello magazine in Spain about the separation between pop star Shakira and Gerard Pique from Barcelona. According to a source in the publication, the two broke up at the end of February due to expropriation, not infidelity. Shakira did her best to save the relationship, but the glass overflowed when she realized that Pique had quickly found her a replacement.

In the meantime, the Spanish media also revealed how exactly Pique caught up with the mysterious blonde lady with whom he was caught in adultery. She works as a waitress in a famous bar and is the first friend of the boyfriend of his teammate Ricky Puig, with whom they have often had fun lately.

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The media also spread a photo portrait of the 23-year-old burnout of the football player, made according to the description of the journalist Laura Fe, who was the first to reveal about the love affair. According to the description, she is a short woman with red cheeks, pronounced cheekbones and thick lips.

Pique visits the family home, but only to pick up and then return his sons Milan and Sasha for their schooling or training, otherwise he lives in his bachelor apartment, which he bought for 4 million euros before meeting Shakira in 2010. . The two shared the care of the children, and yesterday the singer was photographed on the street in Barcelona with a huge box of pizza.

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