“Yantra” both saved itself and ranked “Eter” in the elite, and Vili Vutsov escaped from hospital

“Yantra” both saved itself and ranked “Eter” in the elite, and Vili Vutsov escaped from hospital
“Yantra” both saved itself and ranked “Eter” in the elite, and Vili Vutsov escaped from hospital

Led by Vaelislav Vutsov, “Yantra” (Gabrovo) beat “Sportist” (Svoge) 1:0 in the first match of the 32nd round of the Second League and saved themselves from relegation to the third league. But the victory of the people of Gabrovo did a huge favor to “Eter” (Veliko Tarnovo), which is already unattainable in its quest to enter the elite. Etretsi have 57 points, 5th place “Sportist” has 48, but with two matches remaining.

The only goal was scored by the experienced Mihail Minkov five minutes before the end of the match. He stayed at the back post, received a spilled ball from a free-kick from the touchline and got a foot in to send it into the goal. Svogentsi rose to look for the equalizer and in the last five minutes they had three good opportunities, but they did not score even an equalizing goal.

The interesting thing is that Vutsov’s son Petar was in the “Sportist” team, and his brother Svetoslav was also at the stadium, who was operated on and will miss Slavia’s matches until the end of the season.

After the game, “Yantra” thanked their coach:

“Hats off to Vili Vutsov!

Velislav Vutsov’s contribution to the changed face of “Yantra” at the end of the season is indisputable, obvious, and we will not talk about him in this text. However, what the specialist did for the match in Svoge deserves special attention, even if it borders on madness. But that’s Willy.

As he mentioned in the interview after the match, the days before the match in Svoge were some of the hardest in the specialist’s life. He had to undergo emergency surgery in Pleven on Wednesday, the day before the match. And this is not just a cosmetic procedure. The specialist informed his players about the upcoming operation at the afternoon training session on Tuesday. The intervention was successful, but also reasonably requires a few days of rest for optimal recovery. However, nothing could stop Willy from being with his players at the match in Svoge today. With the special permission of the attending physician, Vutsov traveled for the match and in his typical style did not stop encouraging his boys. He didn’t even follow the instructions of the medics to stay seated during the match so as not to provoke the wound and was on the sideline for almost the entire game, and after it ended he went back to the Pleven clinic. And in the background of everything that is happening to him, Willy shared: “I haven’t slept in the last two days because I’m worried that in the matches with “Sportist” and “Belasitsa” things might not go as they should”…

Vili Vutsov has repeatedly shown and continues to show what it is to love the coaching profession and to devote yourself to it completely, even with no small amount of madness. To love your footballers and be there for them even when stones fall. An absolute example for all young professionals! Because money is important, but not the most important. Sometimes honor and responsibility to the commitment come before everything else. At least it is so for Vili Vutsov. Hats off to Willie!”

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