Blame his players and the pitch VIDEO

Blame his players and the pitch VIDEO
Blame his players and the pitch VIDEO


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Levski coach Nikolay Kostov was disappointed after the 2:2 draw with Krumovgrad. The specialist was visibly angry and reproached his players for playing without emotion. Kostov showed his displeasure

“I think our team made maximum efforts to adapt to the pitch, to the opponent’s game. Although we conceded a goal, we managed to take an advantage in the result. Unknown because during almost the entire second half, except for the last minutes when we tried natural pressure, our players played without emotion. I can’t explain. I haven’t spoken to the players yet. A very tough match, as we expected. I can’t say that I’m dissatisfied, we just didn’t manage to adapt to the game and the pitch”, commented Kostov after the match.

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“The opening minutes of the second half were at a very low level. I hope next time when we play in such a ground, maybe I have a mistake in the selection of the players, we should have selected players to implement our game in this field. All the matches are difficult for us, because against us everyone is playing to the limit of their capabilities,” he stated, before saying a few words about his team’s next game.

“Ether is a well-organized team. We have an idea how to counter them with the help of the crowd, who should not lose interest despite today’s loss. A completely different strategy, a different game against opponents of the caliber of Ether. Every point lost is important. I guess also for all the teams fighting for the top spots”, he added

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