Alexander Vezenkov suffers from his partner

Alexander Vezenkov suffers from his partner
Alexander Vezenkov suffers from his partner
Alexander Vezenkov is suffering for his girlfriend. The basketball player and his boyfriend have to keep their love at a distance and get used to the new situation. For the time being, the two of them have found the hook for him. Vezenkov and his girlfriend Nikoleta Eleftheriadou send each other hearts and flames on social networks, “Bulgaria Dnes” was convinced.

But in fact, the love between the two is not easy at all at the moment. While the Bulgarian began to reap success in the NBA with the team “Sacramento Kings” and enjoy good reviews for his performance, Nicole should stay in Athens. The beautiful brunette is a water polo player, as well as a national player of her country, and also so should he finish his education. That’s why lovers have to use social networks to keep in touch. Today’s “telephone love” is done by video connection, but still remains remote.

The time difference is also an obstacle, as there is a nine-hour time difference between Greece and California, and it is difficult for both of them to fit in their time to talk with their commitments. The lovers have been fond of them since the recent opportunity to be together, at the end of August Vezenkov and his beloved spent several unforgettable days on the island of Zakynthos in a specially rented house with a pool. “A summer to remember,” the sexy brunette captioned her social media post at the time.

In the first week of August, the beauty was at our place to celebrate the 28th birthday of her lover in Botevgrad. The two made their relationship official at the beginning of the year after they released photos from the wedding of the now former teammate of the Bulgarian “Olympiakos” Kostas Slukas.

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