Zanev blew up in front of BLITZ for a strange scheme with the money in Pirin and jumped: Liar! Puppet!



Our former national team and until recently the sports director of Pirin Petar Zanev gave a very interesting interview to BLITZ, after hours ago he was attacked by the management of the club from Blagoevgrad with a statement. Stanislav Manolev, who was the president of the Eagles, is also involved in it.

38-year-old Zanev is even more affected after another attack. The former captain of CSKA responded sharply to the manager of Pirin Atanas Dafinov, calling him a “liar” and a “puppet”. Zanev also made a sensational revelation – it is strange why 100-150 BGN are deducted from the monthly salaries of the football players…

– Mr. Zanev, do you wish to answer the accusations of the current leaders of Pirin?
– Thank you for contacting me. I will not let things go because what is happening is not normal, the glass has already overflowed. At the moment, Pirin’s interim management is using the tribune and the club’s logo for more publicity and to manipulate people. But everyone in Blagoevgrad, especially football fans, already knows the truth. You can’t cover things up with ugly attacks like that. Technical director Nikolay Petrunov claims that I interfered in the coach’s work. Now it becomes clear why even when we were working with Mitrevsky, there were cases in the city that Radi was the coach and I was the “senior coach”. It is good that Petrunov came out with the declaration to show that he is the person who spread these false rumors in Blagoevgrad. And we thought we were a team and working for the good of the team.

The truth is that Mitrevski wanted to appoint an assistant because Kaloyan Genov was owed bonuses and salaries, and the boy left. Genov was ready to stay in Pirin and join Mitrevsky’s staff, but he wanted to get security, to be paid his wages, so that work could be done in a quiet stop. However, this did not happen. Mitrevsky was forced to lead the training only with the conditioning coach. And a week after it became clear that we don’t have a budget for an assistant, and given that I drive an “A” license, why not help Mitrevsky? This way we saved the club money. And now they are claiming that I interfered in the coach’s work.

– How many wages are you waiting to be paid?
– I received only 1 salary for 7 months, and it was given to me after the departure of Stanislav Manolev, almost to keep my mouth shut and not talk about the problems in Pirin. The salary I received was BGN 160 less.

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– Why did they cut it?
– The manager of Pirin explained to me that the amount went for a commission. The strange thing is that I am not the only one, and others are deducted 100-150 BGN per month.

– And the football players?
– Yes. And it is explained to everyone that there has been some mistake. But you can imagine what happens when 20 players are charged 100-150 BGN each – the amount swells, and it is not clear where it goes and what these commissions are. I have a signed agreement from the liar who goes out and talks crap all the time. I don’t even want to mention his name because I made him too famous. Yes, I am talking about Atanas Dafinov. In the agreement, he acknowledges his obligations to me. I was supposed to receive 7 salaries, I knew the condition of the club, I told him everything straight to his face, but because of the disgraceful treatment of some of the players, I am obliged to speak.

– What do you mean?
– How can some players get paid and others not? It is not normal.

– Are Daniil Kondrakov and Vladimir Medved really not getting paid to be forced to terminate their contracts with Pirin?
– Now they say that everything has already been paid for them. Hopefully, after my revelations, they will tighten up and start cleaning up their debts and finally something positive will happen in Pirin.

– If you stood face to face with Dafinov now, what would you say to him?
– I have told him what he has. However, he again hides behind the backs of famous football. As he was hiding behind me and Manolev, now he started using Svetlio Dyakov and Petar Mihtarski. So he twisted things that everyone was to blame, only he was the competent person. When 7 days before the start of the championship there were only 7 players with professional contracts, he didn’t even know how to sign the contracts. Now he is beating his chest that Pirin has collected points. I hope the team continues like this, I wish it from the bottom of my heart. I think only of the good of Pirin. But I want to remind him that the boys who are selected by us are playing.

Admirations for the players and coaches who are put to work in this difficult situation. After the sixth match in the championship, I said that we were late with the selection and the reason was Dafinov. The players on the field did not know each other, they needed time to work together. However, now Dafinov claims that after our departure, Pirin went uphill. Anyone with even a little knowledge of the sport will realize that a team of 18 new players needs time to settle. The selection was a complete sabotage. Every football player came 20 days late, there were daily disputes during the negotiations, many managerial interests.

What kind of commissions is he talking about after Manolev and I worked for seven months without a penny. I want to ask Dafinov if he gets his salary in Pirin? I will donate all the money I earn to the school, to the future of the club. But I want to buy the things, not them, because I don’t know where and what money they will spend. And I will do it when Dafinov comes and donates his 7 months wages. I want to remind him that when I started as sports director, Pirin was left without an owner, I worked for 9 months with 2 salaries. They only gave one because they were afraid that I would talk about it in the media. I want Pirin to exist, for the boys to be calm. 90% of the players are in the team because of us, because of me and Stanislav, because we brought them. And at the beginning of the season we made it so that at least three or four young guys played. The left-back Georgi Varbanov is 22 years old, the right-back Alexander Buchkov is 19. We took a risk, I knew we would have big problems and not have such good results, but with Mitrevsky we did it and gave the youngsters a chance. It was only a matter of time before Pirin started scoring points. But then the intrigues started – how weak a selection we made, how many bad players we took… Well, I can’t remain inactive. I will continue to speak the truth. When you are politically connected and you are a puppet on strings, no matter how much you try to throw scum and mud – you will not succeed. Because in our country there are adequate people who can count two plus two and what is it.

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