Applause for little Kerem, he returns to Nessebar with a gold medal from the Mental Arithmetic Olympiad in Dubai


The 7-year-old mathematician blows away the competition, he is the prodigy of Bulgaria

04 November 2023Saturday, 8:40 p.m.

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Neither task was able to rely on Kerem Hazim’s quick thinking

7-year-old Kerem Hazim returns to Nessebar with a gold medal from the Mental Arithmetic Olympiad in Dubai. The little mathematician put the competition in his pocket and showed the whole world his unique skills. Neither task was able to rely on the kid’s quick thinking.

Mathematicians from all over the world took part in the competition, but the best is Kerem Hazim. This is what he said about seconds after the anthem of Bulgaria announced the emirate, the mother of the miracle child of our homeland.

Fingers crossed for Kerem! The child prodigy from Nessebar, who represents Bulgaria at the Olympics in Dubai

As wrote earlier, Kerem can solve 170 tasks in just 10 minutes. He is unsurpassed among his peers and even older students. Adds, multiplies and divides three-digit numbers in seconds. At the moment, without any problem, he independently solves calculation and logic problems for the third and fourth grades. Through the image of numbers, it develops imagination, memory, concentration, and thus imagines the very abacus with which it works. It takes him a few seconds to calculate numbers that people use a Christmas tree or a formula for.

Kerem is a pride not only for his parents and his native Nessebar, but also for the whole of Bulgaria!

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