Who else but Lionel Messi?

Who else but Lionel Messi?
Who else but Lionel Messi?

Holland can only shine his shoes

Anglo-Saxon thinking has taken over football. Those from the Island have always had something stolen from them, screwed over. All their lives dissatisfied.

Now the new gum is how evil Lionel Messi stole the Ballon d’Or from Manchester City’s good boy Erling Holland. He slipped between his legs and collected the prize.

Now seriously. In terms of footballing qualities, Holland can only tie Leo’s shoes. Nothing more. Messi is the embodiment of everything beautiful in football – thought, decision, tactics, change of rhythm. He’s been good at it since he was a kid.

He made Argentina world champions, costing maybe 1/10th the price of Holland’s team-mates at Manchester City. Half of his teammates nobody knew before they beat France in the final.

The Norwegian had scored a bunch of goals and won the treble. The treble only in England interests them. Otherwise, with the national team, you can’t find it on the map.

In reality, Holland should have been third in the ranking. For the simple reason that Kylian Mbappe is also a better footballer than him. And he can do things on the pitch that the Norwegian can only dream of.

Massi and Mbappe are players who alone can win you the victory even in the most heated match. Those are the ones who steal the prizes. You wave at Holland’s teammates and he’ll score one goal in 100 games, and that’s from the penalty spot. Because he is limited in his qualities and cannot invent anything himself.

It’s for the likes of Messi to put the ball into an empty net. With such a team, as Pep Guardiola has done in “City” and our Spas Delev will become the top scorer of the Premier League as a false nine. It is unlikely that this will bring him the “Golden Ball”, because it is for those who can.

At the time, I vowed that if Hristo Stoichkov played 45 minutes for a whole season, I would still vote for him as the footballer of the year in Bulgaria. Because he will have played them at a level light years above the rest. The same goes for Messi.

Because Messi is Messi in “Inter Miami” and Holland without “City” is a complete hole.

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