Vili Vutsov for judge: Aman from sons, grandsons, grandmothers, grandfathers… unmanageable (VIDEO) – Second League

Vili Vutsov for judge: Aman from sons, grandsons, grandmothers, grandfathers… unmanageable (VIDEO) – Second League
Vili Vutsov for judge: Aman from sons, grandsons, grandmothers, grandfathers… unmanageable (VIDEO) – Second League

The head coach of Yantra Gabrovo, Velislav Vutsov, spoke strongly against the head referee of the match with Marek, which ended in a 1:1 draw in Dupnitsa, Denislav Stalev, who is the son of the former chairman of the Refereeing Commission, Yordan Stalev.

Yantra: Absurd penalty and further damage, this time in front of Borbalan (VIDEO)

“We must be very sorry for missing two points, an extremely ready, winnable match. Two situations at the end that deprived us of an absolutely deserved three points. First, an extremely contrived penalty that led to the injury and Tony Ivanov alone against the goalkeeper is absolutely obliged to play in another way, he had time to drink a coffee, ring two phones and score a goal. “When you concede a goal like that and a penalty kick is played, where there is a mistake on our part before that, you can’t help but be extremely nervous, because absolutely everyone gave their all, played to their maximum potential,” Vutsov began.

“You can see gaps, but there is growth. Defensively there is growth, offensively there is still a lot to be desired, in an inhospitable stadium you deserve the three points, I can’t help but be bitter. I am sadder than the three points lost in Balchik and the two in Lovech. There have been many matches in which we regret more. We are not ready for a very big job, we have progress, we are going well. Well done to the boys for working well all week. We are growing, but slowly, clearly we have to grit our teeth, be ready, and this high step that we want will be achieved more slowly,” he continued.

“We knew it was an unfriendly environment, the pitch is not in great condition, it’s not the worst, but it’s not in good condition. An additional factor – there was a very strong wind, it fell a little towards the end, but it does not give an opportunity. The first half we were with the wind. Marek has not lost at home, it was time to lose, and to a team like ours. We missed a golden opportunity. As much as I regret the invented penalty, I also regret the situation we missed,” Vili Vutsov also said.

“I can’t help but notice something else – a referee comes, he makes fun of football. Aman from sons, grandsons, grandmothers, grandfathers. Let someone come and convince me that it is not a mistake to our detriment. We have no complaints about the first penalty, but the second one is a shame. To look after them (b.r. – the head of the judges David Borbalan). I’ve heard he’s being looked at for Group A, I know he’s messed up a lot of games in Group B too, we’ve seen it. A foul with between a yellow and a red card he didn’t give a card. An invalid. They will probably punish me again, they will say: “You are commenting on them again, they will harm us”, I can’t tell black and white”, Yantra’s mentor spoke sharply to Denislav Stalev.

“We have personnel problems, 14 outfield players and 4 juniors who are very young, not ready for this battle. These are our finances, these are our opportunities. We will hurry slowly. I have other views. I’m terribly sorry, the boys played a very good match,” concluded Velislav Vutsov.

Marek snatched the point from Yantra at the last moment, Sportist was unblocked in Burgas

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