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The kidnappers of Luis Diaz’s father have said what they want to free him – Curious

The kidnappers of Luis Diaz’s father have said what they want to free him – Curious
The kidnappers of Luis Diaz’s father have said what they want to free him – Curious

The Army of National Liberation of Colombia group is ready to release the father of Liverpool star Luis Diaz – Luis Manuel Diaz.

Luis Diaz’s father was kidnapped by the gang along with the player’s mother on October 28 at a gas station in the family’s hometown.

The soccer player’s mother was released soon after, but Diaz’s father remained in the captivity of the kidnappers.

In order to release him, they want guarantees from the authorities in Colombia for the security of the members of the organization.

Here is what the movement’s address, signed by its commander, José Manuel Martínez Quiros, says:

“On November 2, we informed the authorities of our decision to release Mr. Diaz. Even then, we set the process in motion so that this could happen as soon as possible. We try to avoid incidents with government forces. However, as part of the search operation, the area is still militarized, drones are being flown, troops are being deployed and rewards are being offered for information. This situation prevents us from quickly and safely implementing our release plan, and keeping Mr. Diaz from being put at risk. If government units continue their operation in the area, this will delay the release and increase the risk. We understand the family’s pain. We tell them that we will keep our promise to release Mr. Diaz, but only when we receive guarantees for our security.”

Klopp on Diaz’s goal: A wonderful moment, but the important thing is that his father is freed

Luis Diaz issued a statement regarding the situation with his father

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