Botev (Vratsa) – Lokomotiv (Sofia) 0:2 (Development of the meeting by minutes)


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Loko (Sofia) raised its head after a key success in Vratsa

Cardoso and Ivanov pleased the “railwaymen”

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Teixeira also receives a card from the head judge.

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Steve Traore will replace the tired one Carlos France.

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Dime Dimov receives a yellow card.

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Dimitar Mitkov gives way to the other attacker Kaloyan Krastev.

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Krasimir Miloshev gives way to the Portuguese Teixeira.

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CLAIMS! In the 78th minute, the home team had claims against the referee. According to them, he had harmed them by not giving away a penalty in a short melee in front of the goal line of their Sofia rival. Volen Chinkov passed the whole situation in silence.

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Brian Perea receives a yellow card for a rough tackle on the feet of France.

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Krasimir Todorov will try to revive the game of his own, replacing Stefan Velev.

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Martin Kavdansky will take his place in the center of defense and the replacement is Martin Hristov.

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Jean Pierre Da Silva comes into play, and the sinner leaves Soares.

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Simeon Mechev will finish the match instead Ivaylo Naydenov.

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Luka Ivanov will take part in the match, and the substitute is Valentin Nikolov.

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Mario Kikonda receives a yellow card.

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GOAL FOR LOKO (SOFIA)! 0:2! IVANOV! Lokomotiv made the most of the lack of activation in the line of its opponent and just after an hour of football under Okolchitsa took a 0:2 lead. Bruno Franco received the ball at speed and beat his compatriot Felipe with ease. The full-back showed excellent vision, seeing the inclusion of Antoni Ivanov, who was given a penalty round and technically overcame Barrios. This was also his first goal with the “red-black” team from Nadezhda district.

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Shortly after his appearance in the game, the reserves Genov and Barbosa played well with each other, and the subsequent shot of #9 did not have the necessary accuracy to make it difficult for Ljubenov.

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Daniel Genov comes into play at the expense of Boubacar Traore.

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Diogo Barbosa will replace the inconclusive one Brian Mendoza.

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CARDOSO! Instead of learning their lesson from the first half, Hristo Yanev’s players started the second half in a scattered manner and could have once again scored a goal with a header from Gonzalo Cardoso. The Portuguese was forgotten on a cross from the wing, but this time Barrios intervened decisively.

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Luis Felipe from the team of Botev (Vr) receives a yellow card.

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The guests from Lokomotiv (Sf) skillfully waited for the end of the first part, being extremely careful in their defensive actions.

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The reaction from Botev (Vratsa) came in the 33rd when Kikonda sent a shot that was turned into a difficult catch by Lyubenov. However, the visiting guard’s rebounds were a little quicker than rebounder Brian Perea’s.

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GOAL FOR LOKO SOFIA!! 0:1! CARDOSO! Sometimes football is an illogical game, and the hosts from Vratsa found that out the hard way. After two beams in their favor and active pressure in the field of Loko, it was the “railwaymen” who got the lead in the meeting. Krasimir Miloshev played a lead pass for Dimitar Mitkov, who faced Barrios and only won a corner kick. With him came the important moment for Doncic’s men, after Cardoso jumped over everyone and directed the ball into the “green” net with a lot of class.

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SECOND BEAM! Hristo Yanev’s selection gradually increased the quality of its attack, and in the 28th minute this time the sidebar saved the capital city from a goal. A cross fell to the feet of Stefan Velev and his shot ricocheted off the feet of Cardoso to bounce off the left side post.

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Krasimir Miloshev receives a yellow card.

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BEAM! Botev (Vratsa) narrowly took the lead 120 seconds later. Martin Hristov leapfrogged Dime Dimov on a cross from a corner, but his header only rattled the crossbar above Alexander Lyubenov.

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And again something interesting from the left flank was created by the players of the capital Loko in the 17th minute. Bruno Franca finessed his pass and Carlos Francea entered Botev’s penalty area. However, his pass was not synchronized with the inclusion of Dimitar Mitkov, and so the “railway players” wasted a convenient chance for something more.

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The home side’s response from Botev came with a couple of fruitless crosses from corners, where short melees created some sense that a shot from among a bunch of players could lead to danger for Ljubenov.

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The team of Lokomotiv (Sofia) was the one that created the first more interesting situation in the meeting. The “Railwaymen” developed their attack from the left, and the pass to France ended with a shot by the Brazilian. The ball flew dangerously to the upper right corner of Barrios, but at that moment the body of a defender in “green” stood in its way.

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