The manager of Pirin resigned!


The manager of Pirin Atanas Dafinov resigned. He shared that he leaves with his head held high and that he never had any personal ambitions to manage the team.

Here is what the club wrote:

“Address of the manager of OFK Pirin Atanas Dafinov:

Dear fans, sports figures and everyone who loves “Pirin”!

Two years have passed since I took office as manager of OFK Pirin. In this period, we did a lot of work, we had ambitions and a plan for the development of the club. You all know about the tribulations the team had to go through. It was very hard.

Pirin answered Peter Zanev appropriately

“Shut up and be humble”

“Pirin” still managed to stabilize, thanks to the Municipality of Blagoevgrad. Only the people on the team we chose to stay know what we went through. It was more than difficult, and side factors and campaigns against us further aggravated the situation.

Today I stand before you and want to announce that I am resigning as manager of OFK Pirin. I’m leaving with my head held high!

My priority since taking office has always been the development of Pirin’s DUSH. During my time in the team, we were able to build a new field, impose a uniform methodology and not only develop the children, but also the coaches, who increased their qualifications, so that one day we could have ready-made specialists for the first team.

The goalkeeper of Pirin can return to Ukraine

Requested by Chernomorets (Odesa)

Our children are already participating in the two elite groups of the BFS, the U19 talents have become Republican champions. We have signed professional contracts with a number of our promising juniors, and quite a few of them are already playing in the first team. We managed to fight back and make our teams play against elite opponents right from the preparatory groups, which had not happened until now, we are now beating the Sofia giants every week, which has undoubtedly stopped the “leak” of talent to other teams.

Saving Pirin was a cause for which we fought for a long time. I never had personal ambitions to manage this team, but the situation was such that it was necessary to act, and quickly. From then on, you all know the situation in which I took over the team and in which I leave it today. Our goal was not to mix politics and football, but unfortunately, this happened, not because of us, but because of other persons! It is precisely because of this that I am resigning today!

I want to make an appeal to the people in the stands – support the team and the management, they really care about “Pirin”, I say this from personal experience, stop the hatred, it does not lead to anything good!

“Pirin” has always been a great club and I and my team knew how important it is for it to continue to exist and develop. It’s hard to walk away from something you love with all your heart and fought for from the first day to the last!

For me, nothing has ever been at any cost, except morality!

“Pirin” above all!

With respect,

Atanas Dafinov”

Pirin made another transfer

Pirin made another transfer

The “Eagles” have strengthened with defender Modu Dianne

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