Lubo Penev: I am at home on “Army”.


The head coach of Heber Lyuboslav Penev spoke after the 0:3 loss to CSKA. El Goleador said he was happy with his players despite the poor result.

“I am at home here. There are many people who visit Bulgarian Army, but they are not at home and they will always be guests. Even though we lost and conceded 3 goals, the team played very well, with good speed and dynamics. We missed precision.


I congratulated the boys and that’s the attitude we have to have in every single game. Another piece of advice to the VAR – it should be more precise and careful, and they should look carefully at what is happening,” began Penev.

“Last night we had a video material that I showed the boys – a comparison table from last year and now. Clearly and accurately they can see that there is a difference and this is called progress. We are growing and going up. We want to play good football. This is the philosophy that follows, that’s why he praised them. We lost, but that’s the behavior we have to have,” continued El Goleador.

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“Attitude and responsibility are key. That’s what I want from my players. We shouldn’t get influenced, it’s not nice to concede a goal at the end of the half, but it happens. We have to be careful and not allow those kinds of goals. There is also one an important point which is related to the decision of those in charge of the match.Many bookings for us and none for the opposition.

I watch the game closely and I can judge a lot of foul situations that in no way suggest that there will be a card, one for Heber. In the next situation, this player is very careful, because knowing the managers of the match… there is an imbalance in these decisions of the game and it is a factor on the result”.

“Two of our players are permanently injured and they are recovering well. I have 1 player suspended. Ohene is ill, so I hope they will be fit for the next match on Saturday. We are optimistically preparing for the next match,” concluded Luboslav Penev.

El Maestro: The boys fight in every match, the important thing is that we win

El Maestro: The boys fight in every match, the important thing is that we win

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