I’m ambitious to win Wimbledon, I have unfinished business – TennisKafe

I’m ambitious to win Wimbledon, I have unfinished business – TennisKafe
I’m ambitious to win Wimbledon, I have unfinished business – TennisKafe

Nick Kyrgios said that despite all the difficulties, he has not given up on his dream of winning a Grand Slam title. The Australian has had numerous injury problems over the past year, resulting in just one game of the season – a loss to Ibing Wu in Stuttgart.

Kyrgios, who will be in the role of commentator during the ATP Finalsonce again commented on the difficulties accompanying the life of professional tennis players and revealed what the chances are of playing at the Australian Open.

“In the world of tennis, everything is perfect when you win. You make money, people love you and everything is fine. My style is such that it captivates people and makes them enjoy the game in a special way. Right now, more than anything, I want to win a Grand Slam title. This goal motivates me, especially since I was two sets away from the Wimbledon trophy,” said the Canberra-born tennis player in an interview with Australian Channel 9.

“Wimbledon is the most important tournament in our sport. Even people who are not at all interested in tennis know about it. I will put all my concentration and effort into winning this title. I think I still have unfinished business in tennis, and that is mainly to triumph in London.”

“I’ve been in the Tour for almost 10 years now and it’s great that I’m still motivated to fight for everything. You know it wasn’t always like that. There were periods when I played without any motivation. However, it is different now and I hope that in 2024 I will be injury free so that I can show the tennis that I am capable of. I know I have the qualities to win a Grand Slam title, but I need time and patience to reach the level of 2022. If I didn’t believe in that, I would have already retired.”

Asked what the chances are of seeing him play at the Australian Open, Kyrgios said: “I’m progressing gradually, day by day. I still have time ahead of me. I tried to return to the court earlier than the doctors advised, and as a result I immediately felt pain. Afterwards, however, I was fully focused on my rehabilitation. I got the opinions of some experts I hadn’t consulted before and made some serious progress after the surgery. I still lack balance in terms of physical fitness, but I have to be patient and trust the process. The most important thing is to have full confidence in my body again.”

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