Krusharski: Do I trust Berbatov? Football players are only taught to take money


The co-owner of Lokomotiv (Plovdiv) Hristo Krusharski threatened that if Dimitar Berbatov ran for president of the BFS, he would also run. The businessman is adamant that he will get more votes than the legend of Bulgarian football. Krusharski’s argument is that football players only take, not give money, and he asked the journalists to refute him with at least one name.

“I have said it to you several times and I will say it again. We have to fix our basket. Every club should fix itself and start producing. Football is like an enterprise – we have to work, create and then search Will Bobi Mihailov solve my problems? Will Berbatov solve my problems? Who will solve them for me if I don’t solve them myself? We are unique in that the cauldron has no lid.

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Do you know why? Because we all pull ourselves down. That’s the whole problem. I will ask colleagues – enough with these sensations, let’s work together and push in one direction! If Berbatov runs, I will also run. I tell you this most responsibly. This time I will run and I think I will get a little more votes than him.

Do I trust Berbatov? Football players are only taught to take money. Has any football player taken out money for football? Tell me one, but quickly. There is no. So what do we want? We want to manage money. How will we manage them when we haven’t made 5 BGN from some side work? If anyone should be mad at Bobby, I should be mad the most. Because he pushed my friend Bateto. If anyone doesn’t remember, I remember how the change happened. Why should I be angry with him? It was such a time, the time has come. Gone-gone. From now on, we must work constructively.

Bateto had gone down a path where he found money and managed a little differently than now. And the judging panel and everything. There was no six-to-five with him. He did not perform in front of anyone. He said: I am independent because nothing depends on me.

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So some think a little. Let’s find someone, come on, I’m sick already, but I’m not in favor of being written off, I’ll make it another year, let’s keep things in order and see how long it will take to get better. If Bulgaria does not have a team that will show itself in a year, I will not be Hristo Krusharski. I also showed this in Lokomotiv. You saw it. No one believed me, everyone spat at me and called me “this is a peasant”. What happened in the end? They started aiming for my hand,” explained Krusharski.

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