Crucial six days: Who goes to Euro 2024 and who stays home?


While Bulgaria was looking for a stadium in which to play the completely pointless qualifier against Hungary in terms of our ranking, the rest of the national teams around Europe were preparing for their truly crucial matches.

The next six days will put an end to the qualifications for the championship of the Old Continent, and on Tuesday around midnight our time, the names of 21 of the 24 teams that will be in Germany next summer will be clear. We will know the other three in the spring after barrages.

It’s quite logical there The Bundestag, which as a host was not part of the qualifications. And they secured a place in the championship before the last two rounds Belgium, Spain, France, Portugal, England, Turkey, Austria and Scotland.

Another 12 quotas will be allocated in the next six days, and here is the situation in the individual groups:

Group “A”

Here it is already clear that Spain and Scotland are going to Euro 2024, while the disappointment remains with the Norway team, which, despite the presence of superstars such as Erling Holland and Martin Jodegaard, will not be able to go to the first major forum of the new century.

Spain and Scotland have 15 points each, Norway has 10, Georgia has 7 and awaits the play-offs, in which they will participate thanks to the group of the Nations League with the participation of Bulgaria, which they won, and Cyprus will be looking for a miracle at home against Spain. to avoid the ignominy of finishing the group with 0 points to his name.

Group “B”

Here, quite expectedly, the finalist from the last World Cup – France, qualified in October after six victories in six matches. The big question is whether the Netherlands or Greece will occupy the second position, as both teams have an equal asset of 12 points. However, the big advantage is on the side of the “tulips” who need a win in one of their two matches to qualify for the European Championship.

The Netherlands have won both of their head-to-head matches against the Greeks and can qualify for Euro 2024 as early as Friday night if they beat Eire at home. This match is extremely curious because the Irish are also extremely interested in losing. A ranking for the Netherlands will secure them a place in the play-offs.

If the Dutch do not beat Eire, the qualifications for them end with a visit to Gibraltar, where a miracle can hardly happen.

Greece has only one match on its account – hosting France, from which it will necessarily have to look for points, but also pray to a famous Dutch offshoot.

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Group “C”

England also did their job here and after five wins and a draw, they can now safely think about Eveo 2024.

However, the intrigue is about the second position, which is currently occupied by Ukraine with 13 points from seven games, followed by Italy with 10 points from six games. North Macedonia has no chance in fourth position with 7 points, while Malta has zero.

The first episode of the dispute between Italy and Ukraine will be tomorrow, when North Macedonia visits Rome. Our south-western neighbors have become a real nightmare for the Squad in recent years, but an Italian victory will put the team in pole position ahead of the showdown on November 20. Then in Leverkusen, already in a direct clash, Ukraine and Italy face each other.

If before the match the points are 13 to 13, then the draw will work for the Italians because of the advantage in direct matches. If Italy fails to defeat North Macedonia, then Ukraine will enter the clash with an advantage and will be 90 minutes away from deepening the terrifying crisis in Italian football.

The team is the reigning European champion, but missed the last two World Cups and is now on the verge of failing to qualify for Euro 2024 as well.

Group “D”

Here, Turkey already has a ticket to Euro 2024 with 16 points, while Wales and Croatia each have 10. Armenia still has a mathematical chance with their seven points, while Latvia is at the bottom with three points.

The first episode of the indirect battle between Wales and Croatia is on Saturday. Then the Welsh visit the Armenia team, which still has its, if minimal, chances of qualifying. In June, the Armenians won 4-2 in Cardiff and obviously Wales’ task will not be easy at all, while at the same time Croatia play in Riga against Latvia and should have no problems.

Three days later, Croatia host Armenia, while Wales welcome Turkey. The situation is extremely curious in this group, and if Armenia beats Wales, then on Tuesday at the same time three teams can fight for one position.

Of course, on the face of it, anything other than Croatia at Euro 2024 would be considered a sensation. Wales, however, have everything in their hands, because they have an advantage in head-to-head matches over the “flames” and two wins will send the “dragons” to the finals. Even in such a scenario, the Croatians are guaranteed a place in the playoffs.

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Group “F”

Undoubtedly the most complicated group in which Albania leads with 13 points, the Czech Republic has 11, Poland has 10, Modlova 9, and only the Faroe Islands team is out of the game with 1 point.

Here, in the best position, quite logically, is the team of Albania, which tomorrow evening in Chisinau can qualify for Euro 2024 if they win. However, we must not forget that Moldovans have not lost a single household so far.

At the same time, Poland welcome the Czech Republic, and given the fact that this is the last game for the Poles, Lewandowski and company only need a win, but in the end it may not work. Anything short of a Polish success will mean the end of ambitions, and a Czech victory, accompanied by an Albanian victory in Chisinau, will decide everything in the group.

However, it is possible that this group enters its final day in a situation where Albania and Poland have 13 points each, Moldova has 12 and the Czech Republic 11. There are dozens of scenarios, but Albania still have everything in their hands because they finish the qualifiers hosted by the Faroe Islands.

It also applies to the Czech Republic, because even if they lose in Poland, after that it all ends with a match against Moldova in Olomouc, where a win will mean a place at Euro 2024, regardless of how the rest of the matches unfold.

The truth is that with only one game remaining, Poland has the least chance. And no matter how strange it sounds, Moldova has very real dreams, which also holds its destiny in its hands, because with two victories it will be able to rewrite its history.

Group “F”

Everything is clear here. Belgium and Austria qualified with their 17 and 16 points. Sweden will not go to the European with the modest asset of seven points. Azerbaijan has 4 and Estonia has 1.

Group “G”

This is our group in which Hungary leads with 14 points, Serbia has 13, Montenegro has 8, Lithuania has 6 and Bulgaria is in last place with just two points.

The Hungarians have already found out where they will be able to celebrate their ranking – today in Sofia, where only one point will be enough for the third European in a row. Not to mention that the Magyars are a serious favorite of the bookmakers for a solid victory over our team.

Today at 21:45 Montenegro welcomes Lithuania, and a home win will bring the Montenegrins closer to just two points behind Serbia. So there will be intrigue in the final round when Montenegro visit Budapest in Budapest to possibly already qualified team Hungary, while Serbia will welcome Bulgaria.

The truth is that Hungary and Serbia just need a point each from their games against Bulgaria, and as sad as it is, that is the easiest possible task in this group at this stage.


Group “H”

Here Slovenia and Denmark touch the European with 19 points at the top. Kazakhstan still have a theoretical chance of stopping them with 15, while out of the game are Finland with 12, Northern Ireland with 6 and San Marino with 0.

Already tomorrow is the derby at the top between Denmark and Slovenia in Copenhagen. A victory for one of the two teams sends it to Euro 2024. At the same time, Kazakhstan plays San Marino and the victory will bring the team closer to just one point behind the loser in the Danish capital.

If it’s the away team, it will give us a head-to-head Euro 2024 clash on November 20 when Slovenia welcome Kazakhstan with a point in hand. If Slovenia draws with Denmark in practice, the situation will be the same, as the match with Kazakhstan in Ljubljana will again be decisive.

At the same time, Denmark will visit Northern Ireland in Belfast. This could be a routine visit, it could be a decisive clash if the Danes do not win against Slovenia tomorrow.

Group “I”

This group has become quite complicated after a series of offshoots by Switzerland, who are leaders with 16 points, the same as Romania. Third is Israel with 12, Kosovo has 10, and out of the game are Belarus with 6 and Andorra with 2.

The first key match in this group is on Saturday, when Israel will play Romania on Hungarian soil. Even here, anything short of an Israeli victory will mean a place at Euro 2024 for Romania and Switzerland. At the same time, the “crusaders” welcome Kosovo and it seems that there will be no surprises there.

However, if Israel beat Romania, the team will be chasing a place at Euro 2024 away to Andorra, while at the same time the Romanians have a very tough clash with Switzerland at home.

Group “J”

Here, with eight wins from eight matches and an impressive goal difference of 32:2, Portugal is a sure participant in Euro 2024. The Slovakian team is second with 16 points, Luxembourg has 11, Iceland has 10, Bosnia has no chance with 9, and Liechtenstein is at the bottom with 0.

Tonight, Slovakia welcomes Iceland and only a point will mean that the Slovaks take second place and go to the third European in a row in their independent history.

Even if they lose today, the Slovaks remain in the strongest position for the classification. For both Luxembourg and Iceland, it is clear that any hope goes through 6 points from two games.

For Luxembourg, those points should come in matches against Bosnia and Liechtenstein, while for Iceland in the away game of Slovakia and the away game of Portugal.

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