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The organized protest against the Bulgarian Football Union (BFS) around the national stadium “Vasil Levski” escalated and led to clashes between the police and the fans. Law enforcement officers used a water cannon after protesters threw a bomb at them, before lighting torches and smokestacks. The fans continued to throw objects, and the police pushed them back down Gurko Street.

There were clashes between the police and the fans, and according to BTV there were injuries.

Thousands of football fans from all over the country gathered to express their displeasure against the leadership of the Bulgarian Football Union (BFU) in an organized protest in Sofia. It started at 5 p.m. in the area around the Vasil Levski National Stadium. The European qualification between Bulgaria and Hungary started at the facility at 7 p.m.

The protest was attended by fans of “Levski”, CSKA, “Botev” (Plovdiv), “Lokomotiv” (Plovdiv) and others.

With shouts of “Resignation” and obscene chants at the president of the BFS Borislav Mihailov and his deputy Yordan Lechkov after 5.25 p.m., a large group of “Levski” fans positioned themselves in front of sector A of the National Stadium.

CSKA’s Zapaliankovites are based around “Orlov Most” and Lake Ariana, where there is an additional presence of police and gendarmerie.

A little after 18:00, under the escort of gendarmes, the CSKA fans went along “Vasil Levski” boulevard and also joined the rest of the group in front of Sector A of the stadium.

After initial shouts and calls for “Resign”, rockets and bombs began to fly towards the guarded area set aside by the uniformed. After several calls from the police that the fans were disturbing public order with their actions, the water cannon was used.

When that didn’t stop the crowd, the police came out of the guarded area, pushing the fans away.

Currently, the police have set up a perimeter closer to Vasil Levski Boulevard in front of the Ministry of Youth and Sports, where a large group of fans has gathered. She threw out enclosures and overturned several dumpsters.

Later, fans were pushed even further back.


Fans’ discontent has been fueled in recent weeks by the management of BFS and the national team’s losing streak, which has led to a wave of chants of “Resign” in football stadiums in Bulgaria during Premier League matches in the 18th minute. , symbolizing the 18 years in which Borislav Mihailov managed the BFS.

Later, the disapproval gained an even greater scale, after the hosting of the match with Hungary was moved Sofia – Plovdiv – Kardzhali and back to Sofia precisely to avoid the protest against BFS.

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