A viewer said who wins “Games of the Will”: Shame!

A viewer said who wins “Games of the Will”: Shame!
A viewer said who wins “Games of the Will”: Shame!
World Sambo champion Maria Oryashkova received a nomination for the elimination battle today after the failure of the Elders. She will face businessman Martin Nikolov – Elvis, and only one of them will move forward in “Games of Will”.

Oryashkova’s nomination came after she was named by a large part of the tribe as the weakest link in the battle. During the council, however, it became clear that among the Elders there is a seemingly non-existent male coalition between Momchil Vasilev, Krasimir Dunev and Mihail Krastev.

Mutual accusations flew between the tribesmen, and Denislava Velkova was in the middle of it all. She chose not to support the women in the tribe and also voted for Oryashkova because of her closeness to Mikhail.

The battle between Oryashkova and Elvisa will be one of the most dramatic in season 5. They will again have to rely on their close people in the tribe to take advantage of a big advantage in the elimination match. Who will save and who will be removed from the extreme reality?

Here is an interesting comment from a viewer:

Ultimately, in my eyes, all but one of the elders don’t deserve to make it to the finals, except Momchil of course. Victoria and she showed her horns: I quote: “I think that men should not hide behind women”. Cheeky girl!

It was aimed at Momchil, and the boy has 25 wins. Vicki, you’re the one behind Martin’s coalition. Here it gets a bit like the thief calling catch the thief!

Separately, Denislava nominated Oryashkova to save her ass, and while Martin was in the tribe, she played with her. Everyone looks at their benefit, benefit and interest. Is this the sample of society… Why people…why are you like this…

Bulgarian, Bulgarian? They died for you! Your forefathers gave their lives so that you might live! Let us live! Don’t let them down!

Boy cheated? Isn’t Dimo ​​a judge? He says and determines! It is a pity that he falls to Ralev in the final, but if there are people in the production, they will invite Momchil to “All Stars”, as they should also invite Yulian, but for the latter it is clear that they will not invite him…

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