Berbatov: The fans did not fight each other

Berbatov: The fans did not fight each other
Berbatov: The fans did not fight each other

Dimitar Berbatov joined the morning block of bTV to comment on yesterday’s events in front of the “Vasil Levski” stadium.

The eternal scorer of our national team called for a peaceful protest against the leadership of the BFS, but in the end blood was shed in the capital.

Berbatov expressed the opinion that if the fans were allowed in the stadium, such clashes would not have happened, and also added that emotions had run high after 18 years of incompetence in the management of the BFS.

“I expressed my support for a peaceful protest. I was there, I saw how people gathered and I did my civic duty, but I didn’t want to stand in front and steal the protest, draw attention to myself.

I saw an unprecedented reunion of fans. They were all there to protest against what has been happening for so many years and against not being allowed to enter the stadium.

In my opinion, this would not have happened if the fans were allowed in the stadium. These people are not protesting against the team, but against the managers of football.

Of course, everyone condemns the aggression, and the SDVR must do its analysis and come up with an opinion on who is to blame. I will just say that inside the protest itself there was no fight between fans, I don’t know what provoked the reaction of the police.

Hardly anyone imagined such a thing, but after 18 years of incompetence, at some point there had to be a point where emotions would run high.

We all know who the original source of the protest is. We also saw him after the match. We can summarize everything with one middle finger from the vice-president of the Bulgarian Football Union.

We need to see accountability with the immediate resignation of the leaders of the BFS. Can you imagine the insolence when one of them said he did not know why these people had gathered here.”

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