Former Argentina international who played with Messi became a taxi driver – Stories

Former Argentina international who played with Messi became a taxi driver – Stories
Former Argentina international who played with Messi became a taxi driver – Stories

Football and sports often amaze us with unique stories of talent reaching the top. However, the coin has two sides. It often happens that those marked at the top fail miserably. Such an example is the former right defender of the national team of Argentina – Jose Luis Gomes, who is currently a taxi driver.

He received all kinds of blows from fate after playing for his country at the Rio Games in 2016. A year later, he made it to the Argentina national team, where he was side by side with Lionel Messi.

Gomez’s joy at his official Albiceleste debut in control against Brazil in 2017 quickly turned into a real nightmare. The full back suffered a serious injury to his left knee. Because of the injury, Gomez was never the same player and was not included in Argentina’s squad for the 2018 World Cup in Russia.

Since then, the real trials begin, and his career is coming to an end. According to information from Ole, Jose Luis Gomez currently makes a living as a driver for the company Uber.

“We have always been a humble family. After training, he often used his car to earn extra money. He also did it at night,” says his father.

In 2016, many pointed to Jose Luis Gomez as the future of the Argentina national team. It is believed that for many years he will be the indispensable right back for the Gauchos. At the time, Barcelona were keeping a close eye on him and were waiting for an opportune moment to bring him into their ranks.

The right-back is a Racing teenager. After joining Lanus, he won three trophies – championship, cup and supercup.

At the beginning of 2022, already several years after the serious injury, Jose Luis Gomez gets the opportunity to return to his hometown club Racing. His contract expired in December of that year and was not renewed.

In addition to being a taxi driver, he currently works as a personal trainer. At 30 years old, Messi’s former team-mate expects to receive some kind of offer that could possibly revive his career.

His last official match in elite football was with Lanus’ team in 2021 for the Copa Sudamericana – a 1:2 loss to Gremio.

Jose Luis Gomez is proof that nothing is certain in the world of sports. And the greatest talent with unprecedented qualities may not reach its full potential. The reasons are many, including lack of discipline, stardom or a serious injury.

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