The former mayor of Blagoevgrad responded to the current one in his accusations about Pirin

The former mayor of Blagoevgrad responded to the current one in his accusations about Pirin
The former mayor of Blagoevgrad responded to the current one in his accusations about Pirin

The former mayor of Blagoevgrad, Ilko Stoyanov, responded to the new mayor, Metodi Baikushev, in his statement that Pirin has huge debts.

Here is what Stoyanov wrote on Facebook:

Pirin has huge debts and zero leva in the accounts, claims the mayor of Blagoevgrad

Here is what Baikushev said

Yesterday, Metodi Baikushev told a LIE again. And the most cynical thing is that he told this lie while promising to tell the truth. The typical brand of PP-DB: it is important to lie today, and tomorrow we will think about how to lie again.

His words were that OFK “Pirin” has liabilities to the NRA in the amount of 270,000 (two hundred and seventy) thousand BGN, and unfortunately this lie was uncritically spread without asking the manager of OFK “Pirin” if this was true . I still made the effort to ask, and now I will briefly and quite understandably give you data on the financial situation of OFK Pirin.

As of 17.11.2023 (Friday) the obligation to the National Revenue Agency is in the amount of BGN 173,980.71.

As of the same date, OFK Pirin’s receivables amount to BGN 340,000 (three hundred and forty thousand). I repeat so that it can be read carefully by the team of the currently elected mayor (let’s wait for the judicial phase of this election to pass) – 340,000 (three hundred and forty) thousand BGN. The claims stem from notarized contracts with other professional football clubs and are undisputed. Contract payments were stopped after Petar Zanev left the club, but now that he will be brought back as manager, I hope they will be reinstated. I sincerely hope it will happen, because for me Pirin is more important than politics, and I proved it by not saying unreal things during the election campaign. If Zanev can’t handle these payments, I give Baikushev an additional joker – let him try Tabutov and Chapov, who are in good relations with the person who is ordered to pay the due amounts.

Players’ salaries are due on the 10th of the month following the month of employment. As of October 10, while I am acting mayor of the municipality of Blagoevgrad, all salaries have been paid. From November 10 onwards, and especially after the results of the elections, the responsibility for OFK “Pirin” passed entirely to Metodi Baikushev. I’m sorry, but most of Pirin’s advertisers don’t believe him. So, it is his responsibility to call and convince them that it is worth advertising for Pirin. However, this requires him to leave his virtual life on Facebook and enter the real one.

As you can see, the balance sheet is elementary – the new mayor and the new manager take over OFK “Pirin” with a positive balance of just over 165,000 (one hundred and sixty-five thousand) BGN (deducting the liabilities to the National Revenue Agency), owing one salary to the staff and about 70,000 (seventy thousands) BGN to various suppliers. They also have a stable current contract with OFK Pirin’s main advertiser – a company that owns the brand “8888”.

In just two days as mayor, Metodi Baikushev managed to ruin one of the most valuable projects of the municipality of Blagoevgrad – our first registered high-tech park.

I sincerely wish him not to repeat this mistake and not to allow one of Blagoevgrad’s brands to be liquidated – Pirin football club, especially since the team has much better sports and technical indicators than last year’s. The construction of a modern artificial field in the village of Riltsi will be completed at any moment, where it will be possible to practice even in winter conditions.

‼️Enough grumbling and excuses, Baikushev! During the election campaign, we both said that Blagoevgrad has no time to lose, but you are the mayor, at least for now. Get to work or quit while it’s time!

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