A newspaper publication drives Levski crazy, the consequences are unheard of VIDEO

A newspaper publication drives Levski crazy, the consequences are unheard of VIDEO
A newspaper publication drives Levski crazy, the consequences are unheard of VIDEO


In exactly one week, the capital derby between Levski and Lokomotiv will be played. However, today marks the 29th anniversary of a memorable match between the Blues and the Railwaymen.

On November 20, 1994, Levski faced Lokomotiv (Sofia) in a match of the 13th round of the championship. The “red-blacks” are the leader in the standings, have a three-point lead over the “blues” and have clear championship ambitions.

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Levski, however, defeated its competitor for the title with 8:0, achieving an unheard-of result between the two teams until then.

this happens in a period when the “blues” beat Botev (Plovdiv) with 6:1 and CSKA with 7:1.

Levski’s victory over Lokomotiv (Sofia) started in the fifth minute with a goal by Daniel Borimirov. He doubled his team’s lead in the 12th minute, goal #2450 in the Blues’ history in Group A.

In the 19th minute, Adalbert Zafirov intercepted Ilian Iliev’s cross into his own goal. Three minutes before the end of half an hour from the start of the match, Nikolay Todorov is accurate for 4:0.

In the 40th minute, Ilian Iliev scored his first goal in the match, and in the 69th he was accurate again. Shortly before his second goal, Lokoto remained one man short after Ivo Slavchev’s red card.

Georgi Ivanov-Gesha scored in the 71st minute, and eight minutes later Stanimir Stoilov made the final 8:0.

The story of how Gerena got motivated for the victory over Lokomotiv (Sofia) is very interesting. It is narrated by the famous doctor Mikhail Iliev.

“In 1994, I worked in Levski, where the coach was Georgi Vasilev, and the sports and technical director was Andrei Zhelyazkov. The team was incredibly strong, beating CSKA 7:1 in the same season. OK, but first is Lokomotiv (Sofia), where my very close friend Trendafil Terziyski was the conditioning coach. There was a match between the two teams and on Monday the “Football” newspaper published the headline “Loko (Sf) is waiting for its next customers”. The difference was 3 points in favor of the “railwaymen” and if they had beaten us, it would have been very difficult for us to catch up with them and fight for the title. I take the newspaper, go to “Gerena” and straight to Gocheto and Zhujo. I suggested that I hang the newspaper in the dressing room without giving the players extra inspiration at all. So we did. Immediately before the match, Terziyski came to me in the tunnel of the stadium and said: “You are very pale, you are obviously quite scared.” I did not pay attention to him, but he did not stop. “We will beat you at least 2:0”, “You have no chance”, etc. Okay, but by the break the score was 5:0 for “Levski”. We enter the tunnel at halftime, and Terziyski is gone. I was worried something had happened to him. The next day I sent him an “eight” muffin. For memory. Despite this, we remain great friends to this day,” Mihail Iliev admitted years ago.

1:0 Daniel Borimirov (5), 2:0 Daniel Borimirov (12), 3:0 Adalbert Zafirov (19-own goal), 4:0 Nikolay Todorov (27), 5:0 Ilian Iliev (40), 6:0 Ilian Iliev (69), 7:0 Georgi Ivanov (71), 8:0 Stanimir Stoilov (79)

LEVSKY: Zdravko Zdravkov, Emil Kremenliev, Valentin Durtilov, Tsanko Tsvetanov, Gosho Ginchev, Zlatko Yankov (78-Kancho Yordanov), Daniel Borimirov, Georgi Ivanov (78-Plamen Timnev), Stanimir Stoilov, Nikolai Todorov, Ilian Iliev
Coach: George Vassilev

LOCO (SF): Rumen Apostolov, Plamen Mechev, Valeri Yochev, Dimitar Vasev, Adalbert Zafirov, Ivo Slavchev, Diyan Angelov, Sasha Vukoevich (65-Yavor Valchinov), Ivan Radivoevich, Diyan Petkov (46-Lazar Vachkov), Stanimir Iliev
Coach: Radoslav Zdravkov

Sofia“Vasil Levski” – 15,000 viewers
Judge: Dear Angelov
Yellow cards: Diyan Petkov, Dimitar Vasev, Ivo Slavchev (Lokomotiv Sofia)
Red card: 62-Ivo Slavchev (Lokomotiv Sofia)

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