Ventsi Stefanov went berserk! To whom he asked for the resignation

Ventsi Stefanov went berserk! To whom he asked for the resignation
Ventsi Stefanov went berserk! To whom he asked for the resignation

The president of Slavia Venceslav Stefanov was categorical and called on the sports minister Dimitar Iliev to resign. The boss of the “Whites” was a guest in “On Focus with Lora Krumova” on NOVA, where the riots near the “Vasil Levski” National Stadium on Thursday evening, when fans and policemen were injured during the protest against the BFS management, were mainly commented on.

“The situation was politically used by people who want there to be riots. They want the overthrow of the Minister of Internal Affairs (b.r. – Kalin Stoyanov). The Sports Minister should resign because he is absolutely inadequate,” Stefanov said about Dimitar Iliev .

“Something very ugly happened, which in a normal society is called terror. The behavior of the people of the BFS cannot cause these simple things that happened in the streets.

For a whole week, a boy who did not have a single day of work experience and did not spend a single lev on anything good inspired people, the media gave him a platform. And an inadequate sports minister increasingly encouraged people to take to the streets and protest.

But they have no idea that among the people of the protest there is a huge amount of lumpen who break ranks and terrorize the defenseless. They destroyed our stadium as well, and they didn’t pay after that,” commented Ventsi Stefanov.

“Bobby has nowhere to go, he will resign. I wonder why he continues to persist,” Stefanov added.

“The riots in the streets, the attacks on the police, the arson attacks, this has nothing to do with Mihailov’s resignation. I have recordings that show peaceful citizens protesting and recordings of how lumpen people set cars on fire. This is not a protest, it is a crime,” the former member added. of the Executive Committee of the BFS.

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