In Danube, they are getting ready for Levski’s home team

In Danube, they are getting ready for Levski’s home team
In Danube, they are getting ready for Levski’s home team

I hope that the match of the 1/16-finals of the Bulgarian Cup tournament between Danube and Levski, which will be played on November 22 (Wednesday) at the City Stadium in Ruse, will become a celebration for the city, commented the chairman of the Administrative Board to BTA council of the Ruse club Diyan Dimov.

“We are preparing and the mood is high. We can only win from this match. We have nothing to lose. For our players this is a chance to show themselves. For us this is an opportunity to show ourselves as a team – that we are working well and professionally. It is clear that Levski is a classy team, but we will look for our chances in this match. I hope it will be a celebration and the stadium will be full,” Diyan Dimov said.

The head coach of the team, Martin Kovachev, commented for BTA that the players train with enthusiasm.

“A good match is coming up, a celebration for the city. I hope that many spectators will gather. We are happy that a team of the rank of Levski has fallen to us. I hope that we will show a good game and make our supporters happy,” Kovachev said.

He commented that Levski is the favorite in this match.

“The difference from the Second League and the efbet League is big, but that does not mean that we have given up. We will do our best to make it difficult for them,” Kovachev said.

He explained that defender Iliya Milanov and midfielder Nikola Kolev will miss the match due to injuries, but all other players are healthy.

The Ruse club also announced that the flag that the captain of the “dragons” Miroslav Budinov will give to his colleague from Levski before the match between the two teams is being put on sale for the fans of the two teams. The article is in the colors of the two teams with which they will take the field.

At the same time, Dunav’s captain Miroslav Budinov will record his 175th match with the team of the Ruse club, and in the modern history of the “dragons” only the current president of the club Diyan Dimov has played more matches.

Levski announced their program until the match in Ruse

The training of the 26-time champions before the visit of Danube will be open

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