Serbian media: The Bulgarians came to spoil our holiday


In Serbia, they duly reflected the draw with Bulgaria (2:2). This is what the leading publications quoted by “Match Telegraph” wrote.

The Bulgarians came to spoil our holiday

In dramatic fashion, Serbia qualified for Euro 2024 and broke its 24-year fast: the Bulgarians came to spoil the celebration, but the defenders saved us and took us to Germany.

If we play like this, we better not go to Germany

Serbia in European after 24 years! We would not Bulgaria! If we plan to play in Germany like this, we better not go


Vucic: In 24 years, our flag will fly in the European flag

In Leskovac, in the last match of qualifying Group G, the “eagles” ended in a draw with Bulgaria 2:2, but still kept their place among the best in Germany. At the draw we will be in the fourth urn. Before the Dubocica match, Serbia only had to not lose and not worry about the outcome of the match in Budapest, they did it, so we will see our players next year in the continental competition for the first time since 2000.

“After 24 years, the Serbian flag will fly at the European Championship in Germany!”, said Vucic succinctly.

Stoichkov on Ilian Iliev: He is a coach with great ideas

In Bulgaria, we have diamonds, but there is no one to polish them, says the megastar

Sportski zurnal

Soboslay, thank you!

Soboslay, thank you! During most of the match against Bulgaria, we played poorly. However, all this will be forgotten, although we have to ask why it has come to this – that the classification is decided in the last game. Dominik Soboslay and Hungary both defeated Montenegro and ended any intrigue.

Heavy, heavy grief… Bulgaria played its best match in the qualifiers

We waited until the very end… And we finally managed to celebrate European qualification after hard, hard pain and a 24-year hiatus! Serbia finished tied with the selection of Bulgaria, which was enough for us to get a ticket to Germany. Serbia knew a draw would qualify them. She knew, but the pressure was obviously greater than that. The Pixie Eagles just didn’t play the game to deserve the win, and Bulgaria played perhaps the best game of the qualifiers.

The players share 3.8 million euros

Serbia secured €9.5 million from the Euro 2024 qualification. The players will share 40% of it, or €3.8 million!

Bozhigol: Everyone should set goals in life

Work, work, work is the recipe for success

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