Final territorial battle in “Games of the Will” 5 tonight

Final territorial battle in “Games of the Will” 5 tonight
Final territorial battle in “Games of the Will” 5 tonight

The Gladiators and Elders will battle it out for a week at the Residence before the unification of the tribes

A key territorial battle between the Elders and the Gladiators is coming on “Games of the Will” tonight at 8:00 PM on NOVA. It will be the last of the season and will determine which of the two tribes will live in the Residence a week before the reunion.

Maria Oryashkova – about the future after the terminated career and the lessons of “Games of the Will”

The news of the fallen Maria Oryashkova will create turmoil in the tribe of the Elders. Her video message will also have a serious impact on the motivation in the blue tribe and will offend some of the former tribesmen of the world sambo champion.

Jasen is the last sure participant in “Games of Will” 6

Will the Elders head to Wild River at this pivotal moment? Or will they come out more motivated than ever against the Gladiators to send them to the Farm?

Don’t miss the episode of “Games of the Will” tonight at 20:00 on NOVA.

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