Classic Italy: Qualifies for Euro 2024 with a zero draw

Classic Italy: Qualifies for Euro 2024 with a zero draw
Classic Italy: Qualifies for Euro 2024 with a zero draw

Italy will play at the European Football Championship in Germany in the summer of 2024 after drawing 0-0 with Ukraine in their final Group C match.

Luciano Spalletti’s men played the most typical match possible for their homeland in a qualifying cycle, offering their typical sense of aesthetics in a game where everything remained possible until the very end.

In the first half, boredom for the neutral spectator was almost complete, except for two shots from distance, saved by Gianluigi Donnarumma and Anatoly Trubin.

After the break, the Ukrainians tried to step up and look for the goal more strongly, but the lack of class in forward positions for Serhiy Rebrov’s boys showed. It was only in the 94th minute that Mihailo Mudrik collapsed in the penalty area to look for a penalty, but the Spanish referee was adamant that there was none. However, the replays were worthy of some debate, so Ukraine sympathizers may feel some bitterness on the occasion.

In the end, the two zeros on the scoreboard did not budge and Italy finished second in the group with 14 points and better performance in the head-to-head matches with Ukraine. This is the factor that affects the UEFA regulation for the tournament, although the Azzurri have the necessary advantage on goal difference.

Rebrov and company still have a chance in the play-offs, as Euro 2024 will include 24 teams, and the groups are only 10 with 2 sure finalists each, plus the guaranteed place of the hosts from Germany. In other words, 3 of the seats will be decided in March.

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