CNN paid attention to Berbatov and his mission “to change football in Bulgaria”

CNN paid attention to Berbatov and his mission “to change football in Bulgaria”
CNN paid attention to Berbatov and his mission “to change football in Bulgaria”

The global media giant CNN did not remain indifferent to what is happening in Bulgarian football and just a few days after the protests, which turned into riots on the streets of Sofia, accompanied by brutal police violence, came out with a material on the subject. It is dedicated to Dimitar Berbatov, who has been trying to bring change for a long time and is the #1 opponent of the president of the BFS Borislav Mihailov and the current management of our headquarters.

“Bulgarian football is in serious crisis and seems to be frozen in the 1990s. Under the leadership of part of the glorious team that finished fourth in the world in 1994, the country’s national team has not qualified for a major championship since 2004 this way”, CNN announced at the beginning of their material and added that Mihailov was summoned by the prosecutor’s office.

The situation is detailed, starting with the former goalkeeper captaining the 1994 World Cup and then taking charge of the BFS in 2005 before stepping down in 2019 but then returning in 2021. a. Then it was Berbo who was the other candidate, but failed to win after scandals in the Congress.

“It might sound personal, but it’s not. It’s about the system that governs our football, which is obviously not working. The fact that we haven’t qualified for 20 years now shows exactly how things are happening. These are signals that nothing it’s okay,” Berbatov tells CNN in the studio and adds how at the Congress in question two years ago, Bobby won, although he had one vote less than he needed for it.

The one-time scorer of our national team and Manchester United adds that reports have been sent to FIFA and UEFA, because this is not how it works.

“If things are happening correctly, then there is no problem. But when it is clearly not – everyone should be alerted to see exactly what is happening. I have spoken several times to the president of UEFA, who is definitely alarmed by what is happening. “My responsibility is to signal and give proof of my words. Everything I say, I have said to both FIFA and UEFA. UEFA has some interest, but from FIFA there is just silence,” he also shared in his interview.

Berbo goes on to say that his reputation definitely carries weight in the fight, but his name is definitely not everything. According to him, our football is “frozen” and is still in 1994.

“Perhaps 98 or 99% of the football community is behind us. We will not give up. Our desire is as strong as when we started. Because when you see that what is happening is unfair, we will fight until the end,” Berbatov said categorically. .

CNN also asked the BFS for a comment, receiving the following in response – “The president and management of the Bulgarian Football Union were elected fairly. And the fact that Mr. Berbatov continues to present himself as a candidate for president, given that there is no scheduled presidential elections, is absurd”.

FIFA refused to respond, and UEFA did not wish to comment on a conversation between Berbatov and president Alexander Ceferin.

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