Dimitar Berbatov to CNN: I spoke with Ceferin, he is disturbed, there is no reaction from FIFA – BG football

Dimitar Berbatov to CNN: I spoke with Ceferin, he is disturbed, there is no reaction from FIFA – BG football
Dimitar Berbatov to CNN: I spoke with Ceferin, he is disturbed, there is no reaction from FIFA – BG football

BFS presidential candidate Dimitar Berbatov gave a long interview on CNN, which was broadcast on Tuesday morning. He spoke about all the topics related to the football headquarters, also talking about the reaction of Alexander Ceferin, as well as the lack of such on the part of FIFA.

“Obviously, the system that governs Bulgarian football does not work, because from 2005 to this day we have not been able to qualify for any major tournament as a nation. This shows how football is managed in Bulgaria. When the national team is the face of the federation and when the national team does not participate in major forums, it is a signal that football at home is not being managed in the right way,” the former striker began.

“At the Congress in 2021, to be elected president, he had to receive 242 votes of the clubs. In the end, the president was elected with 241 votes, one less than needed. We were supposed to go for a run-off, but the Congress leader said everything was fine, that there was a president-elect and the election process was over. Thus ended everything with the election of the president. And we had to go to the runoff. In this way, the people who manage the BFS see the power. Abuse of power. When you’re one vote short of winning and a runoff has to take place, they think they’ve done what it takes to win. They are declared the winners and it’s all over. For this we have decided to report to FIFA and UEFA. To show that this is not how a federation should be run,” said Berbatov on the occasion of the Congress in 2021

“If it was all right and done the right way, I would shake his hand and congratulate him. And to continue on my way. I’ve been beaten in my career, I’ve scored goals, I’ve conceded goals, I’ve lost battles. When things are done the right way, there’s nothing to say. But when things are not done the right way, you have to signal to everyone and show what is being done wrong,” added Berbatov.

The former footballer revealed that he had talks with UEFA president Aleksandar Ceferin. “

To be fair, I have spoken to UEFA president Aleksandar Ceferin several times. He is very disturbed by what is happening. Different things happen in many federations. My responsibility is to report what is happening in the BFS. I have to report what is happening, show evidence. Uefa have shown some interest, although there is still no result, which is hard for me to understand why it continues like this. But there is no reaction from FIFA. Complete silence. We’ve tried everything you can imagine. We’ve sent emails, we’ve wanted to have meetings. We have tried to shine a light on the problems that we have and have them just look at them, take a look at how the federation is run, what the process is and how it has been run for the last 15 years and tell us if we are wrong. It’s not something I like to do, but I’m forced to do it. Let’s hope that FIFA and UEFA will wake up and try to investigate,” revealed Berbatov.

“In my opinion, it is not about the name that will manage the BFS. Name and reputation help. I have built my reputation in front of everyone. I want to transfer part of my success and the way I understand that it should be done at home. I want to change things because football is completely different from 1994. We are frozen in time. It’s still 1994. And we think that’s the way things should be done. No, it’s 2023. Things are completely different in football and that’s what I want to show the people at home. My passion to continue fighting this battle is because I am a proud Bulgarian, I love my country and that is why I continue to live in Bulgaria. I have my team, which is made up of people who think the way I do,” he said.

Berbatov estimated that 98-99% of the football public is behind him and his team. “Everything has a beginning, but everything has to end at some point. That’s how life works,” said Berbatov.

“Of course there is a difference. The football public – it’s about everyone, including the fans. When it comes to voting, only the clubs participate. But that’s the way it should be. Clubs must vote. We will not surrender. We will succeed, there is no doubt about that, but it will take some time,” he concluded.

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