Resignations and drunken scandals: The Czech coach quit just an hour after qualifying for Euro 2024


The Czech Republic did not betray itself and qualified for the eighth consecutive time at the European Championship.

Since 1996 and the first appearance of the Czech Republic as an independent country at a major forum, the national team has not missed a championship on the Old Continent.

Yesterday, the Czechs defeated Moldova 3:0 in the direct clash for Euro 2024 and completed their task in Olomouc, but the situation in the team itself was not particularly festive.

Crucial European qualification was marred by scandal after three internationals were dropped from the squad on the eve of the match after being photographed by fans drinking alcohol and partying at a disco.

Separately, the entire qualification cycle has been marked by tension and a series of wobbly matches, with local media already reporting that only a weak group with Albania, Poland and Moldova helped the Czechs reach the Europeans.

Amidst all this, an hour after qualifying for Euro 2024, instead of celebrating and making plans for the championship in Germany, national coach Yaroslav Shilhavi resigned.

He appeared before the media and announced that he and his team had already made the decision before the decisive qualifying matches, regardless of their outcome.

We are happy to have placed the Czech Republic in the European. But my team and I have decided that we will not continue working at the post. With our immediate resignation, we are giving the people in the federation enough time to find our replacements and we wish the team every success.”Shilhavi said.

Šilhávy captained the Czech team in 2018 and led his country to Euro 2020, but has ruled himself out of the opportunity to do so at Euro 2024.

And the scandals in the Czech team continue, regardless of the happy outcome in these qualifications.

Photo: AR/BTA

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