A former Manchester City player will sue the “citizens” for millions

A former Manchester City player will sue the “citizens” for millions
A former Manchester City player will sue the “citizens” for millions

Former Manchester City defender Benjamin Mendy has filed a multimillion-dollar claim against the club for unpaid wages from the “citizens”. The French defender arrived at the Etihad in the summer of 2017 for almost 60 million euros, but in 2021 he was accused of raping and attempting to rape two different women.

In September 2021, he was suspended from the club and his £100,000 salary was frozen. Earlier this year, Benjamin Mendy was acquitted of both charges by the court in Chester, and in July he moved to French Lorient after his contract with the “citizens” expired in June 2023. Mendy has now gone to the Employment Tribunal, where he has made his claims against Manchester City over his withheld wages while the trial against him was ongoing, reports Sky Sports. His defense will be taken over by renowned sports lawyer Nick DeMarco, who has sent a special statement to the media confirming the situation.

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“Manchester City did not pay any wages to Mr Mendy from September 2021 until the end of his contract in June 2023 after he was charged with various offenses of which he was eventually acquitted. A claim will be made to the Labor Relations Tribunal for this. “Discussions with Manchester City are ongoing, but Mr. Mendy’s feeling is that there will be a positive development,” the official statement said.

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