Stanimir Stoilov: There is no show without Levski (VIDEO) – Levski

Stanimir Stoilov: There is no show without Levski (VIDEO) – Levski
Stanimir Stoilov: There is no show without Levski (VIDEO) – Levski

Levski’s head coach Stanimir Stoilov is adamant that there is no show without Levski.

“This is a good match in which you can see a football spectacle. Last year we had four games that were extremely emotional. This is a good moment for us as a team to show good football. We are aware of the strength of our opponent. We are aware that they are a hegemon. For me, it is important how we will play in the upcoming match,” said Stoilov.

“I personally think that neither team has anything to lose in this game. Both teams won what they had last season. This is the crowning glory of the football spectacle. Of course, the team that has to win is Levski, because Ludogorets has won many trophies in recent years. Both teams won what they needed last season,” he added.

“Noah has become a key player in our team. Takes part in all matches. One of the important players in the defense line. So far he has played solidly. In view of the absence, I think our other players can also take this responsibility. It’s not nice when a player of Noah’s class is missing. We have other options to play in a three-man scheme in defence.”

“We know all the teams, clubs and coaches well. I don’t see that much of a surprise. In the first four matches, which were extremely important, we tried to win the matches. Success was mixed. We had two successful games against Ludogorets and they had two against us. We’ll see how we perform tomorrow. After the match, we will do evaluations. It’s important how we play tomorrow on the pitch. Both teams claim to be leaders in Bulgaria. And Levski already has these claims. In such a clash, the football clash and football fair play must prevail.”

“Basically, I think penalties were a weak point in our performance. We missed a lot of penalty kicks. I don’t think we pay much attention, but we need to improve in this aspect. One workout won’t do anything. This is one of the components that we need to start working on, because we have problems in this direction. I hope the match does not go to penalties, because we are not strong in this component.”

“High-level players abound in Ludogorets. Nedyalkov, Despodov, Delev, as far as I know Dominic Yankov will not play because he is injured. I always want to distinguish Bulgarian football players. Quality and good players abound in Ludogorets, for which the club deserves praise for the work done.”

“This match is generally scheduled to be played before the start of the season, when both teams are not physically ready. I think it is right that there are no sequels. If it goes to penalties, we will have to concentrate. It is not that difficult to take penalties, you need more concentration and confidence. Our young footballers also have to win battles, win trophies and of course lose, because they have to grow with wins and losses,” the Blues coach added.

“At the moment I have no idea who will take the penalty. I don’t see who will be sure to take a penalty. No wonder I trust any of the players who missed a penalty. I haven’t decided who will perform.”

“Each team has its own problems, but perhaps it is not appropriate for other teams to look for the problems of the hegemon in Bulgarian football in recent years.”

“If we can find problems in their game, we have to use them during the game.”

“We have to play Levska style, because Ludogorets is far ahead in the trophies. Ambition must be leading in my players. The presence of people obliges our footballers to play to the maximum of their abilities. This is our principle. We have to give our best in emotion and football intelligence to be competitive.”

“Against Ludogorets we need a combination of many qualities to win.”

“I spoke to Sonko in my tone, in which you know him well. I always look for my problems in us. Noah gave the referee the opportunity to show a red card. For this he will be punished and fined. We received an apology from him and an assurance that this will not happen again. I doubt there was a deliberate attempt at foul play. I didn’t see a hit, I didn’t see an injury on the player. I hope the judges rule like that in every situation. I have no complaints about the referee’s decision.”

“It is clear that in our club in the last year exactly the football business has happened that should happen. A tremendous amount of duties were covered. I no longer see companies and people to whom we are not fair. The debts to the National Revenue Agency are already being repaid. We are too far to say that Levski is saved from a financial point of view.”

“If I were them, I would be proud to sell and buy expensive players. Every club should be proud to have such funds.”

“Levski has his own plan, with which we will do everything so that the club will not be ashamed.”

“One of the biggest deserving praises that Levski was saved are the football players. Until now I have not said it and I have been quite critical of them, but they deserve all the respect because without them and without their representation there would not be this unity and this love. They created a very good premise for all of us to have a way and positions to agree. They created the Levski business project.”

“Levski can be proud to be one of the clubs that attracts a lot of financial resources and takes care of its debts.”

“There is no show without Levski. There is no show without Levski!”

“I am satisfied with Levski’s business model of covering our debts and paying salaries, but we have already started paying debts to state institutions and the road is long. Even if I am super positive – no. More difficulties lie ahead this year. This year will be extremely difficult and a battle for the club to survive.”

“Our players can play against any kind of opponents. We are trained in this. It is always good when there are spaces because there is speed. Let’s hope we take advantage of this. We’re always looking to put pressure on our opponents.”

“We are trying to create a working model in the club. Now is the time to thank the company “Manya”, which dresses the club. This is how all football players should look, especially Levski. They dress us extremely comfortably and comfortably. They give us new items to go with. This shows a good partnership between us and the company.”

“We haven’t really changed the pressing strategy. We always wanted to be the team that held the initiative. Especially in the last two games I had no worries about the high press. Ludogorets has its strategy and plan, so do we, and everyone will try to defend it. Tomorrow, in any case, there will be a loser.”

“They invite us to a show and we arrive, but good artists need to be paid. If it’s only the 20% we agreed to get from the Super Cup, I’ll be extremely unhappy. We will be happy if all clubs earn more than Levski. In the football business, there is negotiation of the rules. We want the funding. The two clubs are playing one trophy match, which can be said to be a trophy show match. I don’t see why there should be tension between clubs. If it’s 20%, then we’re not doing enough for the club,” said Stanimir Stoilov.

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