The fans of Botev (Pd) are ready to protest because of the College

The fans of Botev (Pd) are ready to protest because of the College
The fans of Botev (Pd) are ready to protest because of the College

The fans of Botev (Plovdiv) distributed a letter in which they announced that they were ready to protest. The reason is further ambiguities surrounding the completion of “College”.

Here is the address of the “canaries”:



Dear Botevists,

On 30.08.2022 between 4:00 p.m. and 6:00 p.m. a meeting was held between representatives of the yellow-black public in the form of representatives of Bultras, PFC Botev Association and KPBP, and on the other side were Zdravko Dimitrov (mayor of the city of Plovdiv), Plamen Raichev (deputy-mayor of the city of Plovdiv), Atanas Chilingirov , Atanas Angelov (supervisor), Iliyan Filipov (owner of PIMK).

At the beginning of the meeting, information was requested from the builder about how much it will cost to complete the “Hristo Botev” stadium according to the project we all dream of. He expressed concern about committing to an exact amount, as to this day he still does not have the full project documentation, which prevents him from doing a full cost estimate. An account for which we have secured BGN 37 million from the state and municipality, won with the enormous efforts of the yellow-black public.

Mr. Atanas Angelov (supervisor) took it upon himself to answer the question of why there is still no complete design documentation for the stadium, who pointed out 3 problems that “hold back” the delivery of the complete design documentation. In the following lines, we will try to briefly introduce you to the three problems and their solution:

Here’s when Botev will be able to host the “College”

The information is from the builder

1. Problem with the scoreboard at the stadium – there was no written statement from the municipality (contractor) about where they want the scoreboard to be and how it should be placed. 2 options were discussed at several meetings, but in the end, arch. Savov to send an official letter (from 28.08.2022) officially asking the contracting authority for a decision.

Decision: Today (31.08.2022) Zdravko Dimitrov promised to sign and send an official answer to solve problem 1.

2. Sound problem – despite vague explanations of the specific problem and its resolution after pressure from us and a three minute conversation between the above mentioned persons they promised that this problem will also be solved…

3. Problem with the parking spaces around the stadium – a problem that all stadiums in Bulgaria have. It turned out that there is an easy solution here too – 2 letters between the client and supervisor.

So much for the two-hour meeting. Let everyone draw their own conclusions should fans attend a meeting to coordinate a conversation between client, supervisor, architect and builder to exchange 3 letters (for issue 1 and 3) and have a three minute conversation (for issue 2), of which to finally provide the complete documentation that is necessary for the preparation of the CCC for the overall construction of the stadium and especially the cost of covering the stadium with a visor.

Dear yellow and black fans, THIS IS NOT THE BIGGEST PROBLEM!

We suffered 10 years of peasant yoke! We suffered to be close to our team in the most shameful part of its history! We were with Him on the way to his return to the elite in every match, in every village! We paid off the debts of our club, which were fictitiously charged because of the political games, with which OUR BOTEV had nothing to do! We suffer every game in which we have to meet our opponents at the training base in Komatevo! We provided financing for the construction not only of our stadium, but also of many others throughout Bulgaria! We have listened to countless lies and empty promises about the College!

As of today, we are again in protest readiness mode, as we cannot accept the continued negligence and transfer of responsibility by the construction participants! Today we face the preparation for a new battle! It’s time to play the most important game that we have to win for the sake of future generations!

In a publication on one of the social networks today (31.08.2022), the builder officially states that with the BGN 12 million provided by the Plovdiv municipality, he will build only the metal structure of the roof visor of the “Hristo Botev” stadium, because of which all fan organizations categorically state , that WE DO NOT ACCEPT EXECUTION OF THE ROOF PART OF THE STADIUM ONLY WITH ITS METAL STRUCTURE, BUT FULL COMPLETION WITHIN THE CONTRACTED FUNDS!!! NOT ONE BOTEV PLOVDIV FAN WILL ENTER COLLEGE UNTIL THE STADIUM IS COMPLETELY COVERED WITH A VISOR AS YOU PROMISED!!!

Dear Mr. Zdravko Dimitrov,

We are convinced that it is not necessary to recall how and why these funds were allocated! We are convinced that you personally, as a citizen and mayor of Plovdiv, will not agree to accept a bill of quantities, from which it is clear that for 12 million BGN we will not have a completed visor of an object of national importance, considering the future category of the facility! We are sure that you remember, and if not, you can turn to the Municipal Council of the city of Plovdiv to remind you that the money was allocated only and only for the construction of the complete visor of the “Hristo Botev” stadium! We are convinced that you will protect the interests of all Plovdiv residents and will not allow “Kolodrum 2”! Rest assured that we will not budge from our position to complete 100% coverage of the stadium and this time we will achieve our goal!

Dear interested parties (contractor, supervisor, builder, architect), we remind you that with each passing day you miss the opportunity to write your names in golden letters in the history of the oldest club in Bulgaria! We, the yellow and black community, will also suffer every battle related to our greatest dream, which is to return to OUR HOME in the form that everyone dreams of and with the funding that we won not only for us, but for many other teams in Bulgaria!

We will not hide and you will clearly feel our disappointment that you have crippled the vision of the stadium by single-handedly, without consulting us, changing the design of the central entrance. The change in the face of the stadium, namely the glass facade, which was supposed to be the most presentable, with sheet metal of a cheap type, which reduced the cost of the project. A cost that, no matter how much you reduce it, and no matter how much additional financing we negotiate – the funds are still insufficient (even with currently decreasing prices of materials) to complete the dream home according to the dream project!

PS Why and how did you find out that the funds of BGN 37 million will not reach for the complete completion of the stadium visor, given that the final project documentation is expected, after which a full quantity and value calculation will be made only next week?

This time we will be steadfast! Be wise or prepare for the consequences!

United factions Bultras, PFC Botev Plovdiv Association, KPBP

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