Why doesn’t CSKA have a veteran team?

The stormy hours of the derby between CSKA and FC 1948 once again stirred spirits in Borisova Garden. The fans showed quite a negative attitude towards the people whose names they chanted until recently. And the discussion of who is right and who is wrong broke out. Anonymous authors on prestigious sports sites denounced the reaction of the fans, while others defended them.

And it all boils down to one simple question. Does anyone know why CSKA just doesn’t participate in the veteran championship? The answer is simple. Legends and legends simply cannot watch each other, let alone play in the same team. They were never united by anything other than money. How many of these “deserved veterans” hang out at the stadium when they’re not working at the club? Zero. And this applies not only to “Bulgarian Army”, but also to the stadium in Bistrica. When you leave for one reason or another, you disappear from the map. Hardly anyone remembers the rumblings that they were kicked off the artificial pitches for their traditional tight-door match in the Titans days. It was as if the ceiling had fallen.

The benefits they received from the club are also forgotten. For them, only the big words remain that they gave their lives for CSKA. But they forget that CSKA gave them salaries, unheard of for the times when they played, ranks, benefits, apartments, and not one, but several. In the days when you had to wait years for a car, they got a new one every once in a while. This is conveniently forgotten. They gave everything, but they also took it. True, some of them blew everything and now they want more. When you’re a legend, you gotta suck it up. A convenient way of thinking, don’t you think?

Matej close to level with Ciric, Bush and Stefan Giglio

By goals for CSKA

Most of them cannot make eye contact. Their hatred for each other is so great. Something like the fourth in the world, even harder. Only one more lev can unite them. We leave aside the problem of the devaluation of the word “legend” in recent years. Players who have played minutes for CSKA boast about it, others who have spent their entire careers in other teams, but passed through Boris’s Garden and won one or another title during his strong years. Nothing that for the most part they were on the bench.

We will only return to the bankruptcy of the old company. When BGN 8 million was paid and most of the money went into the pockets of some legends. And serious sums. Then money would be donated to the children’s and youth school. They were not declarations, interviews. The balance sheet? Donations from Bai Dobri, the host, the former presser Ivan Chenchev and excursion consultant Radostin Vassilev. I will not remind which legends were on the list of creditors approved by the trustee Dora Mileva, so as not to offend anyone, everyone can check it for themselves. It is available in several places on the Internet. I will only mention “Eko Deposit”, which acquired the claim of Radoslav Zdravkov and Nikola Gazdov, which acquired the claim of Metodi Deyanov. So that more conclusions can be drawn as to what was intended by this.

Let’s go back to the drama before the start of the season, when 3.5 million leva had to be paid to “legends”, attracted at the request of certain people and condemned the club in Lausanne. Still, at least for this sum, the new club’s legitimacy was finally acquired. Because in all decisions it was written that he “is the legal and sporting successor” of the old one. Point. No one can claim anymore. Because the decisions are final and not appealed, and CAS is the highest instance in sports.

In fact, if one thinks about it, around the bankruptcy of the old company, CSKA lost at least 3 teams in the last 6 years. Money thrown at the wind. The emblem was important, never mind that there had been at least 20 over the years. OK, for that money was collected for a bus and collected… 500 BGN. Debts to aces like Tengarinia and so on were important to keep the club going. Again, aid that stopped at about 1/3 of the amount.

CSKA fans started collecting money for the club’s fine

Supporters are determined to cover the costs and prove “that the warm welcome to the guests was not a provocation”.

The old fellowship could not be healed, as one mantra goes. This was also understood by Vasil Bozhkov, otherwise he would not have included a recovery plan, which even the first-year students of the “Karl Marx” Institute knew did not meet the requirements. The important thing was to throw dust in the eyes and get in the way.

The only constant during these years was the audience. Not the one who was looking for ways to experience and work as a professional fan. Those others who have been at the stadium for years because of CSKA. They left from “G” and stopped somewhere along the other sectors. In rain, snow, on socialism and democracy. Those who were also on Monday at the stadium. No one, absolutely no one has the right to hold them accountable for what they have done. Because they are CSKA.

They never wanted to run the club, only to support it.

Now the question will come, why “Levski” has a team with veterans. Because of Thomas Lafchis. Who at the time pushed all kinds of fans and veterans from the club. True, some returned, but already in the right way – to support, not to rule.

“Ludogorets” also has a veteran team. Although at the time when they were supposed to play on the field, theirs was not in Razgrad, and the team was in the third and fourth division. They are helped by everyone recruited to work, including those who have given their lives for other teams. But the most important thing is that it was found out why Kiril Domuschiev fled with 200 from Sofia and went to Razgrad? There are no organized fans, no glorious legends. Others did not run away, but on the contrary – came to give.

And in Borisova gradina they are still looking for 11 people for one team among the veterans. And they will be looking for him for a long time.

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