Bradley de Neuer: I am happy to sign with a big club like CSKA

Bradley de Neuer: I am happy to sign with a big club like CSKA
Bradley de Neuer: I am happy to sign with a big club like CSKA

CSKA football player Bradley de Neuer received his award for the Best player of the 8th round in the efbet League. He spoke to the media about many topics, including how he decided to come to CSKA, because this is practically his first interview after arriving in Bulgaria. De Neuer also went back to the red card he got against St. Patrick’s.

“Thank you to my teammates, to the coaches, thank you for receiving this award. I was in Romania, but there the club was not as big as CSKA. I am glad that I was lucky to come here and sign with a big club like CSKA”.

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“Things develop naturally”

The Dutchman returned to his goal in the goal of FC CSKA 1948, which gave CSKA the victory.

“When I got the ball I didn’t know it was going to be a goal. I shot and I was extremely happy because it was a game with a lot of emotions. When I saw that I scored that goal, I was really even happier that we won the game. Every time like “If the ball falls to me and I’m in a good position, I’ll try those shots. I won’t succeed every time, but I’ll try.”

“It was not good to be eliminated from Europe, we did not feel good. We are now playing for the championship”. De Neuer also commented on his red card against St. Patrick’s.

“It wasn’t very smart of me to react to the fans. I went towards them, one pushed me, I fought back. If I had been on the ground, everything could have gone wrong. I’m sorry I did that thing and I wouldn’t do it again , because I missed the next matches,” De Neuer regretted.

“After the match, we didn’t immediately talk to Sasha Ilyich because we were celebrating the victory. Then we talked to him and he told me in other cases to lie on the ground. A crowd gathered, it gave the impression that there was a collision, but there wasn’t, we just pushed each other . Sasha Ilitch told me to just lie on the ground and shout and not give in to the provocations of the fans”.

“I can’t say when we will show the best. We have enough collected points. Every game we try to play our best. I can’t say exactly when we will please the fans with the best. We try to do it every game. Maybe we don’t show the best football but we win points. Sometimes you play good football and you don’t win. We will try to show better football.

. Sofia is a nice city, there are nice girls,” concluded De Noyer in a joking tone.

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