All-powerful Spain left no chance to the brave “lions” – Basketball – Eurobasket

All-powerful Spain left no chance to the brave “lions” – Basketball – Eurobasket
All-powerful Spain left no chance to the brave “lions” – Basketball – Eurobasket

Spain defeated with a decisive 114:87 in their first match of EuroBasket 2022 in Georgia. Despite the brave attempts of Vezenkov and company and the rather good performance by the “lions”, the Iberians proved to be too strong and built a big lead during the parts. However, the good performances of Vezenkov and Stanimir Marinov did not go unnoticed.

Our boys started the match well, after the score was equal in the first 5-6 minutes. After that, however, the Spaniards stepped on the gas pedal a little and made a run of 11:0.

Two strong attacks followed, including two points from a free kick by Vezenkov. In those minutes, however, the dominance in the fight under the basket was entirely on the side of the Spaniards. At the end of the part, Vezenkov returned a triple.

At the beginning of the second quarter, our team’s problems worsened, and after two three-pointers by “La Furia”, the lead grew to 16 points.

By the end, the efforts of Alexander Vezenkov were not particularly enough, and by the end of the second part, the lead even reached 22 points. In those minutes, the shooting from a distance was at a mind-boggling level.

In the third quarter, Spain’s lead began to dangerously close to 30 points. Vezenkov continued to maintain a high level of shooting, but the Iberians simply did not loosen their grip. A couple of bursts by Bost and Vezenkov narrowed the gap slightly, though. In those minutes, the defense of both teams was not at all stable, so the points rained down.

Stanimir Marinov distinguished himself with two triples so that the lead could be maintained at around 22 points.

Gradually, the match was tamed, although the Spaniards made attempts to raise the difference to at least 30 points between themselves and the “lions”.

The group of Bulgaria: Ivan Alipiev, Dee Bost, Deyan Karamfilov, Chavdar Kostov, Alexander Yanev, Emil Stoilov, Pavlin Ivanov, Stanimir Marinov, Andrey Ivanov, Alex Simeonov, Dimitar Dimitrov, Alexander Vezenkov;

Spain Group: Lorenzo Braun, Jaime Pradia, Rudy Fernandez, Xabi Lopez-Arostegui, Jaime Fernandez, Dario Brizuela, Alberto Diaz, Sebas Sais, Usman Garuba, Willy Hernangomez, Juancho Hernangomez, Joel Parra;

Here are the starting lineups:

Spain: Lorenzo Brown, Xabi Lopez-Arostegui, Rudy Fernandez, Juancho Hernangomez, Willy Hernangomez

Bulgaria: Dee Bost, Stanimir Marinov, Ivan Alipiev, Alexander Vezenkov, Emil Stoilov

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