The legend Georgi Mladenov: The loss is not a surprise, and our very participation in the European Championship is a success

The legend Georgi Mladenov: The loss is not a surprise, and our very participation in the European Championship is a success
The legend Georgi Mladenov: The loss is not a surprise, and our very participation in the European Championship is a success

Georgi Mladenov needs no introduction when it comes to Bulgarian basketball. The legendary number 12 of “Levski” and of our national team agreed to take on the role of analyst for the readers of during our country’s participation in EuroBasket 2022. The national team returned to the continent’s biggest stage after a break of more than a decade, and in their first match in the Georgian capital, Tbilisi, they lost to the current world champion Spain.

This is what Mladenov shared, who actually participated in the last meeting between Spain and Bulgaria in the European finals before today’s – in 1991 in Rome, when the Iberians beat us with 95:94, namely he scored 26 points for our team.

“Let’s start with the fact that we are talking about an active world champion. Our participation itself is a success. We have not appeared for 11 years. Many of the players have not played in such forums. Emo Stoilov played great, he is the future of Bulgarian basketball, but the two quick fouls played a bad joke on him. The loss was expected for me. The second half was a close game, so it’s better to comment only on the first. But still we are talking about Rudy Fernandez and players with so much experience and championships, that we are not talking about excuses, but the facts – 1:1”, stated Mladenov.

According to him, a key role was already played in the first part by the fact that the Spaniards practically isolated both Alexander Vezenkov and Dee Bost from the game. Then a 12-0 run shot the opponent ahead by double digits, which was maintained until the very end of the game.

“Dee Bost is the big debtor. We have to thank him for his energy in the qualifiers, because he was one of the players who qualified Bulgaria for this European championship. But today at least he played without absolutely any desire. But we accept this European as a reward from the coaches for everything he did because he is done with the national team after that,” the former national coach also said, adding that we should by no means blame the players, but rather appreciate that they qualified for the championship .

“The last time we played in Rome was in 1991, when we lost by one point. It is clear how much the difference in classes between the two countries has changed during this period. Generations have changed, different basketball is played, there are many different factors,” Mladenov continued. , who is currently the coach of the youth national team.

“Turkey has an even stronger attack than Spain. We have to be ready to oppose these teams, because there are no weak teams in the world anymore. Reference – Bulgaria-Mexico volleyball. Shall we recall the football with Gibraltar? Nobody just goes to walk around. Turkey is Turkey. Players from the NBA, from the Euroleague, have a naturalized strong American like Shane Larkin. Because we will play with teams at the level, not with those from Polski Trumbes, Halite or TSUM. The better you play against the strong teams, the more confidence you gain. We have our chances against Georgia, Montenegro and Belgium. And we have to take them. Even if we play one game in the eliminations in Berlin, that would be a success. And anyway we have to appreciate all the work of players and staff over the years that has led to our participation now,” concluded Mladenov.

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