Swiss take over Georgi Yomov’s defense before UEFA

Swiss take over Georgi Yomov’s defense before UEFA
Swiss take over Georgi Yomov’s defense before UEFA

The scandal of the last few days, related to the positive doping test of Georgi Yomov, which the national team gave after the rematch with Macedonia Gyorche Petrov from the Conference League, conquered the native football. New information shows that a Swiss law firm has taken over the defense of the CSKA player before UEFA, “24 Chasa” reports.

The legal fee will be paid by the club, although it is now clear that he had nothing to do with the scandal. The national, who is recovering from a serious ankle injury, has confided in a famous bodybuilder who has guaranteed him a faster recovery. On Thursday, the first materials on the case were sent to UEFA, and a hearing on the case is to be scheduled.

The second sample is unlikely to be opened, since the level of testosterone in Yomov’s urine is many times higher than the permissible level and cannot be negative. We clarify that the second samples are usually opened when it comes to the limit value of the prohibited substance.

The home international has been temporarily suspended for 90 days and will certainly face punishment. It can be either 6 months or 4 years. Everything depends on his defense in the case and UEFA’s interpretation.

CSKA will chase a must win over Spartak (Varna)

The meeting in our maritime capital starts at 17:15

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