Ventsi Stefanov killed the fish again

Ventsi Stefanov killed the fish again
Ventsi Stefanov killed the fish again

The president of Slavia Venceslav Stefanov spoke after the Whites’ 2:1 win over Lokomotiv Sofia in the small capital derby. He also commented on the upcoming matches of Slavia Youth against Panathinaikos in the Youth Champions League.

“With will, with courage, we outplayed them. All three goals are Slavia’s, not Lokoto’s,” said Stefanov minutes after the end of the match and added: “Not to a turnaround, but to play the way they played in the second half. Unlucky own goal, there is that in football too. It’s good that they mobilized and turned around,” commented Stefanov.

He also gave an assessment of Slavia’s season so far: “According to which system – the six-ball or the ten-ball system.” Six-ball – 4.5. Consistency is the key word for all teams and all players. When there is no persistence, there are no results.”

“Rady is an exceptional footballer, a very good boy and I sincerely regret that he is gone, but that is why the others are there to replace him and I think they will succeed,” said Stefanov about Radoslav Kirilov, who moved to CSKA 1948.

“I think we are the nicest club. We exclusively impose young, Bulgarian football players. I hope other colleagues do it too, but probably not. All my colleagues have enough sense. I have been saying for several years that for these 28 years I have eaten a lot of it from this “Take this foreigner for 200 thousand and you will sell it for 2 million” and in the end it remains an eternal memory, passes and leaves like a meteor. While the Bulgarian footballers, our children, who deserve to be encouraged, enforced so that we can be proud of them, play on Pernik or Lyutibrod and in the end you watch either a taxi driver or something else. This is a serious problem for Bulgarian football. Many colleagues say that I spew nonsense when I see a camera, but in the end you will see that I was right,” commented Ventsi Stefanov.

Regarding the youth matches in the youth Champions League, he was categorical: “I expect victory. Ours are the best. Panathinaikos, Panathinaikos. If it was Ajax, I would be worried, but how can I be worried about Panathinaikos”.

“I’m not worried, on the contrary. He will gain more experience, he will know how to do it. For me, Ivan Ivanov can easily coach the youth national team, and after a while, why not the men’s team. Bulgaria needs young, knowledgeable and capable people. When Baquero was here, we played CSKA 1948, he watched the game and said that the style the kids play is what they were taught in Barcelona. When the facts speak and the gods are silent,” said Stefanov about the fact that Ivan Ivanov will not only coach the youth of Slavia, but also help Mladen Krastaic in the national team.

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