Radi Zdravkov with a sharp comment after the big “Army” scandal VIDEO

Radi Zdravkov with a sharp comment after the big “Army” scandal VIDEO
Radi Zdravkov with a sharp comment after the big “Army” scandal VIDEO

CSKA legend and sporting director of CSKA 1948 Radoslav Zdravkov made a sharp comment about the events at the Bulgarian Army Stadium on Monday. Then CSKA defeated CSKA 1948 with 2:1, but the beginning of the match was accompanied by scandals and throwing of stones, seats and other objects at Zdravkov, Valentin Iliev and the coach of the guests Lyuboslav Penev.

Days after the ugly scenes, CSKA 1948’s sporting director is still bitter about the behavior of the home fans. In an interview with the club’s Actualno.com, Radoslav Zdravkov admitted that he was bitter and shocked by the behavior of his former teammate Georgi Velinov.

“And right now I feel bitter, but I wouldn’t say that this bitterness in my soul is from the actions and behavior of the fans. My bitterness comes mostly from Johnny Velinov and Filip Filipov. Yes, they came and tried to tame the fans, but it is shocking to me that at one point, they obviously thought about my health, I do not deny, they advised me to leave the stadium. I am Radi Zdravkov! I think that after what I have given for the club, no one has the right to chase me from this stadium. To remind everyone that I went to the club at the age of 24, with the clear knowledge that I would be punished. I was left with a life sentence and risked ending my career very young. But my affection, my love for this club prevailed and after a year and a half my career was revived. I do not say what I have done and what I have helped for the history of CSKA, let someone else evaluate. But in this case, if the situation were the other way around, I don’t consider myself a big man, I would have stood in front of Johnny Velinov, I would have stood next to Johnny Velinov, and then bottles, pennies, stones, not even seats would fly. I am bitter about the fact that I was forced to leave the stadium. Yes, I found a way and watched the match. From the tunnel,” said Zdravkov.

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“I am not bitter about the behavior of the audience. For me, it is an ugly production, a pre-prepared scenario. I don’t know if you noticed and if it was commented on in the media, but we entered the VIP area a few minutes after the first whistle. People in the VIP area were watching the game. The others, in the first and second rows, were not watching the game, but had their backs to the pitch. They were waiting for our delegation to enter. This leads me to many questions. It felt like they were coming to a stadium for the first time. You can’t be there and not watch the game. If they went to a game, in all cases their fathers took them to another stadium for the first time, but not to this stadium. If these people are fans, they will not confuse me with Stoycho Mladenov. An impression was created that Stoycho Mladenov was at the stadium, but he was not. They looked me in the eyes from five meters away, started feeding Stoycho Mladenov and made this gesture. To confuse Radi Zdravkov with Stoycho Mladenov is ridiculous. Not to mention the place where we were assigned to stand. Not to mention that a famous fan, with whom I am also friends on “Facebook”, had previously stood in such a position to make a video of what would happen. I took this clip out and shared it – not to tell you the response, half my friends are from Portugal. This was a base provocation towards the official delegation of our club,” added the legendary football player.

“I hear that we have provoked. What could be more logical than that, for me as the sports director to attend the match and support the players and Ljubo Penev? What is provocative about that? This is a disgrace for Bulgarian football. For six years, the values ​​of this club are being destroyed day after day, with absolutely no morals. Some people came to create tension. Yes, then an atmosphere was created, but what right do you have to criticize, swear, throw stones against Ljubo Penev, against Meto Deyanov, against Valjo Iliev ? Do these people know that when CSKA started going bankrupt, Lubo, I and Meto Deyanov worked at the club without money. They don’t know. How can they know, since history is distorted – in the book of 70 years of CSKA, three legends are missing from us . And why? Because we worked in Razgrad. My family is big and I am the head of the family. Don’t these people have families? The fact is that I went there after more than a year without work. If they had invited me – to CSKA never I haven’t given up. Everything has changed in this club and that’s why we not in history. It’s stupid, it’s funny, it’s tragic, it’s sad for the people who do it. But we are tough at this club and we will overcome what happens.”

“Does the BFS know that a seat was thrown at my head?” Not to mention the stones and waters. If she had hit me? The BFS was right to call me as a direct witness – the fine could have been reduced from what I will say. But let them do it. Why isn’t the prosecutor’s office taking action – it was an act of aggression, there is a video, there are cameras, they will find them. They attacked me, Meto Deyanov, Valjo Iliev, Buchinski, Morales, the executive director Gjonov. Love Penev! Unification is impossible with these people. Not to mention the perversion after the All-Star game, the urination. How to walk with these people in one path – unity, perhaps! In six-seven years, a lot of things have changed at “Army”, I say that not by chance,” commented the sports director of CSKA 1948.

Radi Zdravkov also drew attention to the eternal enemy of the “reds” – Levski, because of the unification in the ranks of the “blues”, which was reached when the club was on the verge of collapse.

“I envy the blue community at the moment – how consolidated, united – both fans and veterans. When CSKA was facing bankruptcy, what did we do? I mean both fans and veterans. Nothing! Absolutely nothing. We broke up, which is tragic. It hurts and I don’t know how things can get better. I have no idea, maybe I’m not that smart. This (the division) I said we should not do. Perhaps it was a voice in the wilderness. After so many years, we see an example from Levski – is there disunity there? We were united. But just to take the easy way out, we broke up. And for them, when it is difficult for them, they united. Which is more worthy? Has there been an outflow of CSKA fans at their stadium in recent years? Are there missing colorful fans and people who fill the sectors – missing. They decide where they will go. These are complicated questions, it’s hard for me to be specific and precise, sorry. The worst that happened was in 2016 – the bankruptcy, the division of fans and veterans. There has never been, and never will be, a bigger murder than this in the entire history of CSKA. There will be no greater disgrace than this”, stated the former national player.

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