Stoilov blamed Titi Papazov for the failures of “Levski”

Stoilov blamed Titi Papazov for the failures of “Levski”
Stoilov blamed Titi Papazov for the failures of “Levski”

“Konstantin Papazov was often an advisor and manager in our club. I gave my opinion on why “Levski” failed – because of advisors and bad management. Both things apply to him”. This is what Levski coach Stanimir Stoilov said to the media at the Georgi Asparuhov Stadium regarding the conflict with Titi Papazov.

The Blues coach assured that he has not withdrawn his request for Titi Papazov’s resignation as a member of the club’s Supervisory Board. “Because I notice that the activity on his part is good to constantly comment on “Levski”, my advice is that he should seriously consider concentrating on basketball. This is more or less the same as me giving Papazov or Sasho Vezenkov advice on how to do it basketball incessantly every day. It started to come too much,” said Stoilov, quoted by BGNES.

According to him, these 125,000 BGN, which Papazov transferred to the club due to a dispute with the sporting goods company Macron, “is perhaps no more than 5% of what Zulumi did to Levski as an adviser to many presidents and executives directors, to whom he also raised monuments here”.

“Sega” recalls that at the end of August Konstatin Papazov complained that he was forced to resign as a member of the Supervisory Board of Levski football club. Later, however, he withdrew his resignation after transferring the 125,000 BGN in question, which was a fine to the “Macron” equipment company because of a contract that was terminated due to the fault of Papazov and Nasko Sirakov.

Papazov played a leading role in the summer of 2020 in the transfer of ownership from then-owner Vasil Bozhkov. Initially, the basketball coach had expressed his readiness to accept the shares and take care of the rescue of “Levski”. In the end, the majority share (86.6%) was awarded to Nasko Sirakov, who immediately announced that he would give 35% of this share to Papazov.

However, this has not happened until now. At the beginning, Papazov actively helped with financing, even once granting a loan to pay the salaries of the football players. A little later, it became clear that Papazov was actually operating with the funds of businessman Stoine Manolov, then owner of FC “Tsarsko Selo”.

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