Live: Levski – Arda, Popeto starter (Lineups) – efbet Liga

Live: Levski – Arda, Popeto starter (Lineups) – efbet Liga
Live: Levski – Arda, Popeto starter (Lineups) – efbet Liga

Levski and Arda Kardjali play with a score of 1:0 at the Georgi Asparuhov Stadium in a match of the ninth round of the efbet Liga. The hosts took the lead in the 20th minute with a goal headed by Andrian Kraev after a corner and an unconvincing intervention by Anatoly Gospodinov.

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In the third minute, Levski launched a gradual attack, which ended with a shot by Andrian Kraev from a very serious distance, but he sent the ball out.

Two minutes later, Velton crossed to Iliyan Stefanov, who shot a header, but it was inaccurate.

In the 7th minute, Wenderson Tsunami shot from a direct free kick, his performance was very strong but inaccurate.

Nine minutes later, after Patrik-Gabriel Galchev’s cross from the right, Ivelin Popov tried a header, but the ball flew out again.

In the 20th minute, Levski took the lead – Filip Krastev crossed from a corner, Andrian Kraev headed in and after a very unconvincing intervention by Anatoly Gospodinov, the ball entered his net.

Eight minutes later, the Blues had another chance to score after another cross from a corner kick, but Tsunami was off target.

In the 40th minute, Levski had a great chance to double their lead after a good attack that went through Galchev and Velton, who crossed to Ivelin Popov, and he found the outline of the goal with his head, but Gospodinov saved.

Three minutes later, Velton tried his luck from long range, but Gospodinov caught without problems.

Levski – Arda 1:0

1:0 Andrian Kraev 20′


Levski: 1. Plamen Andreev, 22. Patrick-Gabriel Galchev, 23. Noah Sonko Sundberg, 33. Jose Cordoba, 6. Tsunami, 8. Andrian Kraev, 30. Filip Krastev, 10. Ivelin Popov, 17. Velton, 18. Ronaldo ,14. Iliyan Stefanov

Reservations: 13. Nikolay Mihailov, 4. Nathan Alder, 5. Kellyan van der Kaap, 7. Georgi Milanov, 19. Bilal Barry, 27. Asen Mitkov, 88. Marin Petkov

Coach: Stanimir Stoilov

Arda: 1. Anatoly Gospodinov, 3. Umar Sako, 24. Alex Petkov, 4. Milen Stoev, 8. Milen Zhelev, 77. Iliya Yurukov, 80. Lachezar Kotev, 11. Alexander Georgiev, 10. Svetoslav Kovachev, 33. Ivan Tilev , 9. Tonislav Yordanov

Reservations: 36. Vasil Simeonov, 2. Juneit Ali, 6. Plamen Krachunov, 17. Ivan Kokonov, 18. Lasana Ndiaye, 70. Hristo Ivanov, 97. Jose Junior

Coach: Alexander Tunchev

Judge: Vladimir Valkov

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