The perpetrators of the atrocities in the derby should be found and punished

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The management of PFC Lokomotiv Plovdiv uses the official club website to express its position. The reason for the reaction from “Lauta” are the excesses that took place at the southern end of Tribuna Sportklub during the derby against Botev. published without editorial intervention the official announcement from PFC Lokomotiv:

Dear locomotive workers, dear citizens of Plovdiv,

on Saturday another Plovdiv derby took place. Traditionally, this match is a celebration for our city and arouses huge spectator interest. Lokomotiv triumphed in the clash and delighted thousands of loyal fans who came to support the team.

But this joy was overshadowed by the ugly events that were caused by one end of the “Sportklub” tribune. Part of the visiting public had not come to enjoy the derby, but with the clear idea of ​​causing excesses, provoking and hurting people from the audience of Lokomotiv – among them women and children. Without an iota of shame or thought, and once again, a number of rockets were fired at the fans of the “black and white”, and miraculously no one was seriously injured. Such things as we saw on September 3rd must not be tolerated!

The management of PFC Lokomotiv Plovdiv strongly condemns the actions of Saturday and calls on absolutely all competent authorities related to the match to report themselves, find and punish those responsible for the atrocities in this football match. This is not the first case, it will not be the last, if extreme measures are not taken and those responsible for this are punished!

Must something fatal be done to stop this madness? We are sure that soon there will be punishments!

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