Played for Lazio, Roma and Juventus, now sells Panini stickers to survive – Curious

Played for Lazio, Roma and Juventus, now sells Panini stickers to survive – Curious
Played for Lazio, Roma and Juventus, now sells Panini stickers to survive – Curious

Life can be cruel and this has been experienced firsthand by many footballers who, after the end of their careers, fell into a major financial crisis and some of them ended up on the streets. One of them is Lionello Manfredonia, who has played for three Italian giants in the past, namely Lazio, Juventus and Roma.

Manfredonia spent most of his career at Lazio before playing for Juventus when the Old Lady were the best team in the world and in 1985 won the Intercontinental Cup.

While wearing the shirt of the Roman club, he was banned for three years for his involvement in match-fixing, and then in 1989 he narrowly survived a heart attack on the pitch.

After he finished his career, he started working as a coach, but he did not become famous and his financial situation became worse, so he started working as an instructor in a football academy.

But even that didn’t bring him enough money, so he decided to sell Panini stickers to make extra money.

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