Radostin V. defeated Boyko in telephone love

Radostin V. defeated Boyko in telephone love
Radostin V. defeated Boyko in telephone love

Among his unwitting conquests are Oprah Winfrey and Alina Kabaeva

The breakaway from ITN Radostin Vassilev drove dozens of influential women around the world and the surrounding villages crazy with sex appeal and texting.
Vassilev didn’t do anything special to gain the attention of the ladies, he even behaved coolly, but that only inflamed the otherwise restrained women.
The plates on his stomach, the gel on his raven hair, his casual elegance and bad boy air all made women go crazy.
Alina Kabaeva, for example, was very carried away, although Radostin did not give her any reason to think that she was special to him.
The former gymnast and propaganda boss close to Putin wanted to make a gesture to Radostin and asked Putin to give him cheap gas or attack Bulgaria so she could rape Radostin as a war booty.
“Volodya, send someone over there to negotiate, I don’t know who exactly!” – prayed Kabaeva, supposedly out of feelings for Bulgaria and the Bulgarian gymnasts.
Naturally, she did not tell Putin about her sexual intentions, but he guessed and was burning with jealousy like unsold gas. He searched her phone with Chinese spyware and found out that Kabaeva took the float, although Radostin had not even cast the fishing rod!
“It’s a big deal that I sent her two bunny emoticons on Telegram, what did she imagine!” – complained Radostin, who didn’t care about Kabaeva at all, he just liked two of her photos and is neither a Russophile, nor does he want to get involved in Putin’s affairs.

Putin got very angry, abandoned the war in Ukraine and thought only of his rival, who is not even his rival. He even gave an order to bring it to him in a suitcase like the one in which the Russian president carries used food, but he hesitated and canceled the order.
“It’s not the boy’s fault that they like him, I’ll just temporarily stop Alina’s Telegram” – Putin decided and closed the case.
And Kabaeva just sighed and looked at Radostin’s tiles: “Ah, what faience!”
Boyko Borisov also admitted that he was defeated by Radostin Vassilev.
Borisov was also very jealous and rummaged through Radostin’s phone, because all the turkeys and spies were already looking for Radostin, not him. Everyone wanted phone love and texting with Vassilev, and he, for his part, only carelessly played them like skittles.
Here is what Borisov confessed to us:
“I am a legend, but Radostin is a current rifle. It hurts me to admit it, but my time has passed. Turkeys, prime ministers, psychologists… Everyone is crazy about Radostin. The other day, Mata Hari comes to me and calls: Boyko, give give me 5000 euros, I want to order Radostin. I call her: you are very lost, this is not for you Geshev or some intellectual, whose eyes turn to radiators when he sees 5000. Don’t ask me for money for such things, because the most in the end I’ll go and, where no one asks me, I’ll tell the Public Prosecutor’s Office myself who Mata Hari is and what she was looking for in my drawer! I don’t like it, I’m not stopping you out of jealousy, I just know she won’t pay attention to you and she’s not that’s the way!”

The new British Prime Minister Liz Truss was also fascinated by Radostin and admits that he inspired her to blow away Boris Johnson and other competitors.
“And I’m thinking of chipping off some flake from the Tories, maybe then he’ll notice me” – smiled quietly, in English, the new mistress of “Downing Stricture” 10.
TV lawmaker Oprah Winfrey sparred with Serena Williams over Radostin. There is little left to get to mutual backhands (gypsy slaps). But Radostin told them that he respected them both – and nothing more! They hugged each other and cried, the common agonizing longing for the unattainable reconciled them.

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