Unsuccessful tawny attempt to distort the facts of the guest sector primitives

The fan club of Lokomotiv Plovdiv refuted the facts presented by the Botev Plovdiv Supporters’ Club for the beginning of the excesses in the city derby. As we already reported, the “yellow and black” fans showed a video from the 4th minute of the match, when a lighted torch was thrown towards the visitors’ sector.

However, now “Lauta” has shown with a new video that everything actually starts even before Volen Chinkov’s first whistle.

Plovdiv24.bg publishes without editorial intervention the official announcement from Lokomotiv Plovdiv Fan Club:

Yesterday, a statement was published, regrettable in terms of its content and intentions, from the fan club on the outskirts of Plovdiv. It’s a pity, because it contains nothing but lies, from beginning to end. Lies and shifting the problem from the sick head to the healthy one.

The good thing is that both we and the authors of the failed yellow-brown attempts to distort the facts know that what is written is not true – as always. The bad thing is that the authors of the declaration do not care about this fact. It’s not a problem for guest sector primitives and they have no qualms about lying and spreading false information – to try and cover up what they’ve done.

And the facts are: the first rocket takes off from the guest sector even before the first referee’s signal is given! Even before the first whistle is given! This is clearly visible in the attached video.

Why did this happen? There is only one answer – the hooligan hidden behind police uniforms, Ivan Elshishki. Every time the sprinters launch rockets, Ivan Elshishki is at his post “guarding”. Who is Ivan Elshishki guarding? Is he sleeping peacefully?

Who are the police protecting? Why did the police arrest only one person, when 130 seats were broken and more than 10 rockets were fired at the Lokomotiv audience?

This is not the first time these individuals have fired missiles at people conveniently hidden behind police shields. This is their usual practice. Reference – their matches with Levski, Arda, the previous derby in Komatevo. What needs to happen for action to be taken? Why didn’t the police find these rockets on the away supporters for whom this is a repeat?

Maybe Ivan Elshishki knows.

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