The beloved Levski slipped Ivan and Andrey


The famous leftists Ivan Hristov and Andrey Arnaudov, who are the first rivals in our show league gamefailed with their prediction for the capital derby Lokomotiv (Sofia) – Levski.

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The popular producers expected a victory for their favorite team, but last night they bowed their heads in “Nadezhda” and lost 2:3.

Both had predicted success for the “blues” with 2:0. However, Ivan and Andrey won 1 point each in the BLITZ game as they predicted Black Sea’s victory over Heber. “Sailors” won 1:0 with a late goal by 17-year-old Nikolay Zlatev.

Andrei had indicated 2:0 as the final outcome of the match in Varna, and Ivan 3:0.

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We remind you that in our game “Show League” matches from the Bulgarian championship are predicted with an exact result. The rules are very simple: 3 points are given for a known correct result, and 1 point for a known only sign.

The dispute between Ivan and Andrei continues with today’s matches CSKA – Slavia and Botev (Vratsa) – Ludogorets.

The battle with the predictions of Ivan and Andrey can be seen in the “Show League” section on the new “Bookmaker” page of BLITZ.

Whichever of the two competitors has more points moves on, and the other is eliminated. In two words – the principle of eliminations is in force. The winner will then have a new opponent. And so again – whoever guesses, goes up, and the loser is out of the game.

Whoever of all participants has the most wins will be the final winner after the end of the season. However, what will happen if the two participants have the same number of points? They then move on together to the next round where they will once again face each other in the battle of the predictions.

Important clarification: Only popular Bulgarians from different walks of life will take part in the “Show League”.

Show League, First Round

Botev Pd – CSKA 1948 2:2
Black Sea – Heber 2:0
Loko (Sofia) – Levski 0:2
CSKA – Slavia 2:1
Botev (Vratsa) – Ludogorets 1:3

Botev Pd – CSKA 1948 1:3
Black Sea – Heber 3:0
Loko (Sofia) – Levski 0:2
CSKA – Slavia 1:1
Botev (Vratsa) – Ludogorets 0:2

Final results of the matches
Botev Pd – CSKA 1948 2:0
Black Sea – Heber 1:0
Loko (Sofia) – Levski 3:2
CSKA – Slavia
Botev (Vratsa) – Ludogorets

Valery Bozhinov and Niki Mihailov in a fierce fight!

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