Zaghi: The match with CSKA is like any other, Sasha Ilic’s results speak volumes for his work

Zaghi: The match with CSKA is like any other, Sasha Ilic’s results speak volumes for his work
Zaghi: The match with CSKA is like any other, Sasha Ilic’s results speak volumes for his work

The head coach of Slavia Zlatomir Zagorcic will face another compatriot at the head of CSKA – Sasha Ilic on Sunday. Before that, Zagi had duels against Ljupko Petrovic, Nestor El Maestro, Milos Kruscic. About this, the presentation of the whites and other interesting topics, the former national team of Bulgaria answered the questions of “Topic Sport”.

Mr. Zagorcic, is Slavia ready for a second consecutive victory in the capital derby after you overturned Loko Sofia 2:1 in the previous round?

– For me, the match with CSKA is like any other. We have already played so many games against them. I haven’t shared them in a long time. We will try to do something, to earn points. But we are not fooled. We will go up against a very strong opponent. We will do our best to confuse their accounts. And, of course, let’s not mess up ours – let’s keep mistakes to a minimum and show what we can do and practice.

How do you see CSKA under the leadership of Sasha Ilić and what has changed in the team after the period of Stojcho Mladenov and Alan Pardew?

– The results are indicative – six wins and one draw. They speak eloquently about what Sasha Ilyich is doing so far. What is most seriously affected is the discipline in the game. He is a young coach and the future is ahead of him.

There are quite a few new players in CSKA compared to the last matches you played with them. Do you have an eye on the Reds’ summer signings?

– That’s right. They strengthened themselves with many players, especially offensively. Until the last they attracted additions. It is normal for CSKA to work intensively on selection, they strengthen their team. This is CSKA, which always looks to rank as high as possible in the championship. Yes, they will not play in the groups of the European tournaments this autumn, but nevertheless they laid a good foundation. I am personally interested in Slavia and how we will approach this match. Yes, I have impressions of the CSKA players, but I will keep them in my notebook for our dressing room before the match. I know what they can and can’t do.

You were out of two main players – Radoslav Kirilov and Ion Baquero, but still you beat Loko Sofia. How big a miss is this for Slavia?

– Until recently, we had 25 players, a wide group. Now we are 16 people who train very well. Throughout the week we prepared at a high level, as for any other game. I hope we can do something about the “Army”.

Zaghi decided the group of Slavia for the capital derby with CSKA

Here is the whole group of “whites”

Is it possible that even though the transfer window has closed, Slavia will attract new signings?

– Well, we will unlock it urgently, just for us, to go shopping again (laughs). It will be very difficult to get new players. We have good boys at school.

Did you manage to meet and talk with Sasha Ilyich?

– Before he signed his contract with CSKA, we met and talked. We were together in Sofia, but I haven’t seen him since then.

Do you think he will succeed at CSKA after many other foreigners before him failed?

– With everything shown so far in the championship and European tournaments, I hope he will succeed. But in the game against us on Sunday, we don’t wish him that. Slavia is looking for her own and that’s it.

Is it good for CSKA that now it will concentrate only on the battles in the championship, after in the previous two years it played in the groups of the European tournaments and in the end it was not able to dethrone Ludogorets from the top?

– I don’t know exactly what the situation is in CSKA to comment in detail. They know best. CSKA is a big team and always wants to win the title, so it is not known why now it won’t finally succeed.

Until now, it seems that you were not on good terms with the previous coaches of CSKA. Regarding Nestor El Maestro, you stated that you don’t consider him a Serb, with Stojcho Mladenov it’s no secret that you don’t like him for a long time, since the time when he was your coach in Lovech… Sasha Ilic is probably the first CSKA coach of whom you have a positive opinion?

– Sasha Ilich and I know each other and when we see each other somewhere, it is normal to talk. Some time ago, he came with the junior national team of Serbia, of which he was a coach, for matches in Sofia. He was at Slavia Stadium and we talked about football. We don’t see each other regularly enough to say we’re friends. We know each other that much… Otherwise, I don’t want to comment on old stories about the other things. I respect all colleagues. Everyone has their views and way of working.

Are you surprised by Stoycho Mladenov’s decision to go to FC CSKA 1948 SF?

– It is not at all worth talking about him on this topic.

You didn’t manage to face Levski, why was your match with them postponed. What can you say about the work of Stanimir Stoilov?

– The change with him in Levski is big. But I tell you again, I’m watching Slavia. I don’t care about the others. We have enough things to think about.

After Martin Georgiev, who moved to Barcelona, ​​could Kristian Stoyanov (19) be the next serious transfer to Slavia abroad?

– After Barcelona, ​​we are already looking for other big teams – Manchester United, Manchester City, Real Madrid… Just kidding. Kristian Stoyanov is a great boy. He is a great talent and I hope he continues in the same way. I am very happy with him in all the games he played. There is persistence and that is very important. I hope that one day he will reach the men’s national team of Bulgaria.

And there a Serb stood at the head – Mladen Krastaic…

– We are everywhere. We are like the Brazilians – we are present in all championships (laughs).

What is your assessment of Slavia’s performance and where do you see the team after the end of the regular season?

– I will only say that now Slavia should have been in first place with 21 points from 7 wins and visiting CSKA from the top. In both losses against Black Sea (0:1) and Arda (0:1) we deserved to win.

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