CSKA – Slavia 2:0, Menno Koch doubles the “red” lead

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Amos Yuga receives a yellow card for a foul.

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Camelo Nguyen was brought into a good position in the 81st minute, but was excellently blocked by the alert Turitsov.

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Ertan Tombak could have made a far better decision in the 78th minute. However, the former Ludogorets player who appeared from the bench preferred solo appearances, and his shot was saved with enviable calmness by Busato.

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Brian Moreno appears in play, and the replaced one is Lazar Tufegdzic.

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Last change for the composition of Slavia. Instead Georgi Valchev appears on the field Erol Dost.

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Thibaut Vion ends his participation in this meeting. And he enters instead Asen Donchev.

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Akhmed Akhmedov will help the “white” attack, and leaves Galin Ivanov.

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Emil Stoev appears in a game at the expense of Ludovic Soares.

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Christian Dobrev there was no day and it is time to be replaced by the North Macedonian Cheshmedjiev.

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Ivan Minchev comes into play to replace Christian Stoyanov.

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GOAL FOR CSKA!! 2:0! MENO KOH! Carried on the wings by the emotion after the first goal, only seconds were needed for the “armies” to double their lead. CSKA had not demonstrated its strength in static situations this evening, but this negative trend was put an end to in the 57th minute. Thibaut Vion crossed perfectly from a corner and half-time substitute Menno Koch justified his presence on the pitch with an excellent header.

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Dauda Bamba leaves the field to be replaced by Duquesne Nazon.

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Stanislav Shopov goes out, comes in Jonathan Lindsett.

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GOAL FOR CSKA! MAURICIO GARCES! 1:0! Joy filled the Bulgarian Army Stadium in the 55th minute when Sasha Ilic’s selection scored the opening goal of the game. It all started with the great breakthrough of Dauda Bamba, which went like a parade through the stunned defense of Slavia. A very heavy shot by the African followed, which was blocked with difficulty by Svetoslav Vutsov. Unfortunately for the capital’s oldest club, the deflected ball fell to the feet of the lurking Mauricio Garces, who shot unsalvageably into the empty net.

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At half-time, Sasha Ilitch made the decision to make a rotation in the center of his defense, where Enes Mahmutovich gave way to Meno Koch.

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First yellow card of the match. He gets it Tufegdzic.

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CSKA’s top scorer since the start of the campaign, Mauricio Garces, wanted to take matters into his own hands after coming in from the wing in the 42nd minute and decided to strike with his left foot. Svetoslav Vutsov was well placed and caught the shot on the grass.

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Dauda Bamba gave hope to the “red” fans, opening a big step to overtake the last in the defense of Slavia – Venci Kerchev. In the end, his quest didn’t end in anything memorable.

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Christian Dobrev sent something between a shot and a pass, which turned into child’s play for coverage by the CSKA guard.

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“WHITE” CLAIMS! The visitors’ camp had serious claims against the referee Volen Chinkov, forcing him to review with the VAR the situation in which the breakaway Tony Tasev was knocked down by the last one in CSKA’s defense – Ivan Turtsov. The arbitrator considered that arguments for such actions and a red card for the national team were untenable.

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NGUENA! CSKA controlled the ball, but for the second time fell victim to a “white” counterattack in the 26th minute. Tony Tasev’s breakthrough started behind the center, and after losing the battle with Turitsov, Galin Ivanov continued Slavia’s attack. The experienced footballer very cleverly saw Nguyen coming in behind him, and the midfielder fired a nice shot that was skillfully deflected by Busato.

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A decisive intervention in the penalty area of ​​Slavia by Emil Viachki, which prevented much more unpleasant moments for the “whites”.

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A CHANCE FOR THE GUESTS! Slavia missed the first big chance of the match. It became a fact after a breakthrough by Toni Tasev and an attempt at a sharp pass in the penalty area of ​​CSKA. The “Army” were caught off guard, but luckily for them, Christian Dobrev was a hundredths of a second late to be able to tap into Busato’s net.

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Lack of enough interesting situations in front of both doors. The middle zone of the field is where “red” and “white” create the most number of wrong passes.

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The two teams did not waste unnecessary time in research, but immediately bet on direct football, which would soon give them the necessary goal effect. Slavi Shopov and Dauda Bamba were active in the ranks of CSKA, while Tony Tasev did not stop pressing the “red” central defenders.

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